Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It All Hits The Fan @ 0400...

2 cervidils...not too bad of an assignment. Until you see the two docs that they belong to. Some docs seem to use cervidil just to "guarantee a bed" for an AM pit induction and their cervidil's sleep though the night. Other docs use cervidil exactly how it's supposed to be used, and the cervix "ripens" and the patients cramp a little through the night, but are able to get some rest too. Other docs use it INSTEAD of pitocin and expect their patients to labor off the cervidil...and most of them do!

So...1st cervidil didn't seem to be working, it got pulled and another one got put in at 2300. She was sleeping, then all of a sudden woke up in rip-roaring "pain" is all she would say. Never described it, never said "it hurts here" just "it hurts". I swear I saw 1 maybe 2 contractions all night, she was extremely hard to monitor. Anyway, I finally convince her to let me do an exam and sure enough, she's 5 with a bulging bag. All this at like 0430. She got a block (thank God for good anesthesia, 'cuz she could have been a hard one to get, but he did great!), and delivered at 0530 after breathing though lots of contractions waiting for the doctor! She did great, I was proud of her, I'm glad it happened when it did and not much later!

My other cervidil...was only a cervidil for about 2 hours, because she started contracting every minute and went from closed/thick/high to 2/80/-2. I went round and round and round with the doctor about pulling the cervidil, but he finally let me pull it and after the tub, walking, the birthing ball, etc, etc, she was 6/100/-1 with a bulging bag right after I got my 1st cervidil delivered. She begged for an epidural after no sleep all night and then they were calling the doc for delivery as I was leaving at 0740. She did AMAZING all night. She breathed perfectly, she moved, she worked with the contractions. I think she could have done it if she had had just a little better start. I was so, so, so proud of her. I wish, wish, wish that I could have just had her as a patient and camped out in her room instead of having my other laboring cervidil and another rule out labor all at the same time.

Thank heaven for other night shift nurses who pitched in and really helped me tonight when I needed them. They got me all caught up on my charting while I was delivering and helped put patients on and off the monitors...they're amazing!

Babies today: 1m
Vag:27M/26F = 53
C/S: 10M5F = 15
Babies 'caught' = 1f


  1. I had cervadil for my first baby. My water ended up breaking during the night after the cervadil was put in. 14 hours later, with 11 1/2 hours of pitocin, the baby never dropping, and only being dialated to a 5, my baby was born via c-section. Even still, he had a cone head.

  2. On the other hand I had cervadil and from insertion to delivery was 6.5 hours (4cm to delivery was 1.5 hrs). It was intense and I SO regret the IV pain meds they gave me (to try and slow things down and for pain relief). I think I could have gone without an epidural if I'd been allowed to walk around/use a ball/whatever... I'm still upset/sad 6 months later.