Friday, February 27, 2009

Night 1 of5

The first night after my "long stretch" is ALWAYS hard to come back to! I just had a great 8 days off, went on a little vacation to see my grandparents, got called 3 times to come in extra (of course I was either out of town or already had other plans...), then almost got put on call tonight but begged to come it, then realized I should have taken all 'cuz I would have gotten called anyway and then gotten time and a half for 6hrs...oh well.

I am so ready to pass on the triage hat to someone else. I saw it by my name tonight and wanted to scream! Seriously, I'd be happy with two easy cervidils whose babies behave all night and mom sleeps with their ambien! But that gets boring too, so I'm not going to complain anymore. All I could see was another 7-8 triages for the night and seriously, that's too much. So I had one antepartum all night, did a couple triages, then had a grand multip (10th pregnancy...) come in SROM'd who delivered unblocked for me after a couple hours on pit. She did great, it was a nice, super fast delivery, the doc walked in from the sleep room down the hallway and the head was sliding out, 1 min after she was complete. Gotta love those un-blocked mommy's!

I sat in an empty room and charted for 30min after shift change to catch up on my 5hrs of heart tones since admission and make sure I didn't forget any lose ends with my antepartum. It's the little things that I tend to forget!

So after a rough start, I'll take a patient in pretty good control who knows what she's going through. At least then I know I'm not stuck with whatever walks in the door next! Off to bed to snuggle with the cat, then back for night #2!

Babies today: 1m
Babies total: 38M/32F = 70
Vag:28M/26F = 54
C/S: 10M6F = 16
Babies 'caught' = 1f

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