Thursday, April 30, 2009


For an un-usual 3IAR (Mon/Tues/Weds nights), this week's been pretty good! They called me 2 minutes before my alarm went off yesterday "can you come in early?!" it always scares me when DAY shift is calling for help, because seriously, if they have 10 or 12 nurses there already, how do they expect a night staff of 5 MAYBE 6 to handle it? And yet we always do...anyway, that's besides the point.

So after getting ready and across town in rush hour traffic, I finally clocked in about 1800. As I was walking in, I met the couple I had triaged the night before and ruled OUT of labor, in the lobby. Guess the UC's came back! Nobody was expecting them, so I jumped at the chance to take them again. They were really sweet and I had been sad to send them home yesterday morning anyway.

She was a good change from that morning, and I had her admitted, AROM'd (per doc), comfy with a block and all my paperwork done by 1930! Everyone else on night shift was just getting started!! My girl did AMAZING and we had a baby by 2200. Not bad for being 3/100 when she came in and a first baby! Great delivery too. It was quite the waterfall when the head came out, amniotic fluid was shooting up and over the legs, but nobody got wet! Made a nice puddle on the floor though...ha!

Waited on a patient that was called in for like 5 hours...never came. So I finished my recovery, sat for a while, did a traige, was walking her out the door and met another one coming in. The 2nd one was one of the presentations (crying, huffing/puffing, screaming, out of control) that has all the nurses running into the room to catch a baby. Throw on a glove, lay her down on the bed...can't find a cervix anywhere...oh wait, maybe I can feel it...WAY back there.
"Sit on your fists..."
ALMOST can reach it...just a little further...there it is! MAYBE I can get a finger in it...and it reaches half way down my finger.
"'re a tight one...and maybe 40-50%...yes I know your contractions long have you been contracting?"
"Your first contraction was 15 minutes ago? Well let's see what a few more do, maybe your cervix will change."
2 hrs later, among many inappropriate comments from the 15 people in the room (including a friend who I had taken care of during labor...who abrupted 30minutes after my shift ended...), poor girls cervix was still the same and as long as nobody reminded her she was having a contraction she would talk and laugh through them. But as soon as somebody said "ok, breathe through this one, it looks big!", there were tears and labored breathing. I think sometimes "support people" need to be reminded of the meaning of "support." I really felt bad for the poor girl! She was sweet as could be, and I don't think she was convinced she was in labor, I think everyone else freaked out and convinced her she was dying. There were some not-so-very nice comments as she was leaving...

Not back 'till Sunday! Ready to enjoy a nice, rainy, muggy weekend with grass about 5 inches long that's way too wet to mow...

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 43M/45F = 88
Vag:32M/35F = 67
C/S: 11M10F = 21
Babies 'caught' = 1f1/2m

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