Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Preemie Land

Seriously, I think we're running a special on pre-mature deliveries at work...plus a special on twins. I think we've had more <37week deliveries and twins (most of the twins being <37weeks) in the last couple weeks than I can remember in a long time! All these 29 week ruptures or pre-term labors or PIH gals. Yikes!

I was just thinking yesterday that I was actually gonna go a whole week without working any extra shifts. That was until my phone rang about 2000 last night. I think my message was something like..."you can have double time, triple time...and free coffee!" There were no empty rooms at one point, a C/S going on, vag twins, 4 extra nurses, 2 or 3 mag patients, my 29week twins contracting and 3cm, and 2 more SROM's on the way...it was a mess!

I wasn't too thrilled on hanging out all night, 'cuz tonight is when my 3IAR (in a row) starts and I'm sure it's gonna be crazy. Miraculously, I think after a couple deliveries, handing over early recoveries, etc they were able to get all the "extra" nurses out of there by about 0200. I left at 0145, made a McDonalds run for everyone still there, and then got home about 0230. Good thing I took a nap yesterday afternoon!

I slept for a couple hours, got stuff cleaned up at my "house sitting house" let the dog out and headed to my OWN BED! I get to enjoy it for a nap today, tomorrow and Thursday, then I'm "babysitting" for the weekend, then work 3 more IRA, then maybe I can relax on my 8-days off. I'd LOVE to get the lawn mowed sometime in the near future before it's 3 feet long, but the way the weather and my days off have lined up, I'm not sure that's gonna happen!

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