Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not Much Sleep

So I've been impressed that I haven't been into work since I got off after that staff meeting Wednesday night! I had a great weekend in Branson with my brother's baseball team and my favorite Branson show, so that just topped things off! I'm sitting freezing my butt off at my brother's baseball game yesterday afternoon at 1630 and my phone rings...go figure! I felt guilty, 'cuz they had called me Saturday night and I wasn't in town, so sure, I'll come in for time and a half. They called me back an hour later and said "well, we're OK now, but will you be on call?" Sure why not, I've just been up since 0830 this morning. I know nurses do that all the time, but I'm not most nurses and I need my sleep!

Now a smart nurse would have left the baseball game and gone home and slept in case she got called in. No, I sat there for another hour or so, saw my brother blast a 2-run homer over the fence to win the game, and then went and ate, let the dog out and went to bed about 2130 with my alarm set to call at 2345 to see if they would need me at 0100. My phone rang about 2330...and I was at work by 0005.

So...me and my 2 antes hung out for the night. My one ante who un-plugged her own monitor to go to the bathroom and didn't need anything all night...and my other ante who was on mag and was refusing another bag of it and was more worried about the TV remote working than probably getting delivered at 29 weeks. Some people just don't get it!

Anyway, I'd love to go to sleep now, but instead I'm going over to the school to help with the hot lunch program, then I'm supposed to teach piano lessons, then I have a mandatory "charting class" this afternoon at the hospital. So maybe I'll get a nap about, oh say, 1900 tonight? Sigh...But extra money is extra money for a new car, so...

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