Sunday, April 12, 2009

Half A Shift

So I love the nurses that I work with :) One of the other nurses offered to split the shift with me last night so that I could hang out with my little brother and go to California Pizza Kitchen (AMAZING!) and a quick comedy show (actually pretty funny!), then I headed into work at midnight. Even though it was only half a shift, I still wasn't sure it was ever gonna end...I was tired!

No babies :( but I did get the "gold star" for the LONGEST rule out labor...she came in at 2000 and I walked her out the door at 0635 this morning! She wanted to be in labor, her doctor wanted her to be in labor, but after 10 hours...still no real cervical change and miraculously a little Nubian let her sleep. So after a little nap, she went home.

I got a SROM started and all lined up for day shift and did lots of charting. I was READY to go home at 0700. I felt really bad, we had a 29wk gal come in with PPROM (preterm premature rupture of membranes). Start some steroids and start the clock. She'll be hanging out a while...hopefully! I think NICU is a little tight, they don't want a 29 week baby if they can help it!

It was cold and rained all day, I think it's supposed to supposed to do that every single day that I'm off this week, but you know it's supposed to be nice and sunny Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday! Go figure!

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