Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not So Much Work Related...

So I know at the beginning of this blog I promised it would only be "work related" stories and experiences, but I couldn't pass this one up...

I went to the dentist today. NOT my favorite place to go (but who likes the dentist?). I had the first appointment after lunch and was on my phone when they called me back. As soon as the hygienist opened the door and called me back I had this sneaking suspicion that I knew her from somewhere. I kept thinking to myself "why is she so familiar? Why should I know her? Where have I seen her before!?" I figured I'd seen her at the hospital before, some random place, etc. I just couldn't place her. It was driving me nuts! All I knew is that I've gone to this same dentist since I was 2 and know all the hygienists, and this one had DEFINITELY not cleaned my teeth before!

Anyway, I sat down, we chatted a little bit and got all ready to start the wonderful process of cleaning my teeth. The TV was on some soap opera and she started flipping channels trying to find something slightly entertaining. We chose some Hollywood Inside show and there was a clip of Melissa (from the Bachelor) on Dancing With the Stars. The hygienist asked me if I watched DWtS and I said "no, but I want Melissa to win because I watched the entire season of the Bachelor." She kinda smiled and said "really? Did you know I was on that show?"

As soon as she said that it totally hit me who she was and why she looked so familiar! It was Shannon! And I had watched her every week! How crazy is that? So I sat in the dentist chair for 30 minutes thinking of all these questions that I wanted to ask her but yet I didn't want to sound like this crazy Bachelor fan and go all spastic on was kinda weird!

She was super, super nice, and afterwards we talked a little bit while waiting for the doctor to come in. She wanted to know where I worked and said that several of her friends were expecting babies and I think some of them are coming to my hospital...I told her that I every Monday night that I worked I would try to avoid watching the Bachelor in the patient's rooms so I could watch the whole thing when I got home. All she said about the show was that it was a "crazy experience." I can only imagine...

I called my sister (another Bachelor fan) and told her, I don't think she believed me. Frankly, I don't think anyone I've told has believed me! On the show none of the bacheloretts had listed as a hometown, but Shannon did said that ABC had them give their hometown for the show. brush with a celebrity for the day :) Maybe I can recruit some patients for my dentist! Haha!


  1. How fun--I must admit to watching a few seasons of the bachelor! I would have asked a million questions-LOL!