Sunday, May 3, 2009

And Another Night...

12hrs Monday night, 12 hrs Tuesday night, 13.5hrs Wednesday night, got a call and went in @ 0430 on Friday morning, then got another call last night and went in from 2300 to 0400. Part of 5 shifts in 1 week! I took tonight off before I start my 3 IAR tomorrow.

When I got there last night they re-evaluated the board and kinda figured that they hadn't needed me as desperately as they thought they did, several of the patients ended up going home, and they did some re-assignments. If we get called in, we get paid for at least 2 hrs, so I figured I'd sit for 2 hrs and then go home. I helped move a patient or two, did some random stuff and was just about to leave when one of the doctors came down from the lounge and said he had a patient coming in who thought her water broke. He said that her own doctor was coming on call at 0700, so to just tuck her in and wait for the morning. So I said I'd hang out, get her started, then leave.

Story short, she delivered an hour and a half after walking in. 3rd baby, SROM'd, unblocked (delivered all 3 kids without one!), it was great! She came in 5-6cm which was what she'd been for the last week or so and said her contractions started after her water broke. Funny how labor happens when it's supposed to!! I think I finally got her admission paperwork done about 45minutes after she delivered.

I felt bad for her after the delivery. The delivery was flawless, she pushed maybe 3 full times, no tearing. The on-call doctor made some off-handed jokes, and then said "maybe next time you should try an epidural...just for the heck of it! Haha..." and he left. She asked me later, "did I do something wrong? Was I a bad pusher? Was it a bad delivery? Why should I have gotten an epidural?" No, no, no! She was a rockstar! She did everything perfect! I was so ticked at the doctor for what he said! Why would you tell anyone who just pushed out a baby without any meds (she didn't even want nausea meds!) that they should try a block "just for the heck of it"? Come on, now! Made me mad...

Came home and tucked myself into bed at about a quarter to 5 this morning and slept great! Enjoying my one night off...and starting all over tomorrow!

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 43M/46F = 89
Vag:32M/36F = 68
C/S: 11M10F = 21
Babies 'caught' = 1f1/2m


  1. What a busy schedule!! I hope that you are getting some rest!!

  2. What a wonderful birth... and an insensitive comment by the doctor! Maybe he perceived her to be someone to get the joke (I know I would've probably laughed if it had been me) but he shouldn't make those types of judgements. Poor thing! I'm glad you were able to reassure her.