Friday, May 22, 2009

So Much Better

So much better night at work last night...I had no nightmares today while I was sleeping! I must say, I love the nurses that I worked with. I guess I was more shaken up about the whole run-in with the doc and the crappy strip from Wednesday night, plus the 30wk SROM from Tuesday night than I thought. I had at least 3 nurses come up to me last night and tell me that I was a great nurse, that it just takes time to get the docs to trust you, and that the particular doctor didn't have a nurse there who hadn't had a run-in with her at least once. The couple nurses that had looked at my strip said they wouldn't have done anything different than I did, and that I did all the right things. That almost made me cry all over again! When I'd left Thursday morning I really felt like the worst nurse ever and that I had totally missed something super important and that I put my patient into real danger. But after all these nurses who have 10+ years of experience were saying the same thing...I didn't feel so bad!

I had a couple cervidils last night, dealt with a little drama/out-of-control pain issues...then finally gave some stadol which must have been pretty strong 'cuz Mom went from moaning and screaming with her contractions to sleeping for 6 hrs. Stadol must be a miracle drug! (or maybe once she didn't think about her contractions any more she just slept). Either babies, but no doctors mad at me either :) Off for a few days now, going to enjoy the graduation weekend at my brother's school and I'm back Monday. Happy long-weekend to everyone1

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  1. I'm glad you got some encouragement from the other nurses! Have fun at the graduation and happy Memorial Day!