Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ante's for the Long Haul

So I knew even before I started orientation that there are 3 basic parts to being a labor nurse: antepartum patients, labor patients, and C/S. Of those three, I'll take anything that gets me at least 1 delivery on my shift, but I'd much rather have a labor patient all day and end with a vag delivery than do a scheduled C/S, and I'd rather do ANY of those than do antepartum patients. Not that it's the patients that I mind, but come on, if I wanted to do antepartums I'd work on MedSurg or something. It just doesn't seem any different to me than sitting around and doing NST's all day. Some nurses love it, and I give them 3903 props for that, because I don't have that kind of patience. I love labor because something's always going on, there's just enough adrenaline to keep the whole 12-hours interesting, most of the time.

Anyways, so today was my first day with J and for some reason nobody remembered that, so she got 3 ante patients. Bummer...but then we decided that we'll just do those to start with and get them done, then move on to the "exciting ones." We started out with 3 names, we had one sent home by 1030 and another gone by 1230, and before the first one left, we helped another nurse get an epidural in a patient, and then ended up keeping her and delivering her about 1600. That's cool with me! Poor J, I curse her every time I work with her!

It was cool though, I really felt like I did a TON with our labor patient. I did almost all the charting and felt pretty on top of it. I know that MedSurg nurses, etc are turned loose with like 6 patients within 2 weeks of orientation, but somehow this seems different to me. So I did a ton with our labor patient, and then in the midst of all that we kinda admitted and discharged another patient that I did almost totally by myself. I always feel "in charge" of a patient when I get them from the waiting room, take them back, hook them up, do their little interview and really find out what's going on with them and stay on top of it from the beginning. When I can start a patient, then I feel like they're mine. I'm a very possessive person...and I think that's gonna be one of my biggest challenges: learning when I've got enough and not trying to do everything. Learning when to say, "no, I can't safely handle that patient load" because I want to do all the exciting stuff, I have to learn to slow down and just do what I can. Bad labor nurse Beckie! But I'm learning, and I felt like I learned to multi-task and still handle it today...that's cool!

So I guess the next couple weeks are gonna kinda be just "ok" and not all that terribly exciting with all the ante's, but I'm sure I'll learn lots, and it'll get them out of the way. Lots of triage and some stuff that really could turn into big problems if it wanted to. But go with the flow, it's all about learning at this point, and it's all part of the game. But I got my baby today, all 8#14 of him...that's a good size baby for an 18-year old...but more on that later.

Babies today: 1M
Babies Total: 3M
Vag: 3M

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