Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is it Uterus's or Uteri?

So Friday we got a little comic relief from my new favorite patient. We had 2 "custodial" ante patients who are in for the long haul, plus an induction who wasn't on the books, then a couple triage's later in the afternoon. Had an great vag delivery which kinda made up for the mess on Wednesday. The Mom and FOB from the fetal demise on Wednesday came over to see us before we left for the evening and brought over handwritten thank you cards. That really meant a lot to me. I didn't know what to say to them on Wednesday, but they were grateful for what I did. If I could do anything to make their loss just a little easier, and helped give them some memories of their baby boy, then I did what I needed to.

Anyway, so this patient comes in because when she was at the office her doctor told her she was dilated to one and she was a scheduled for a repeat c/s 'cuz the baby was breech so she didn't want her to go into labor. Anyway, so we get her all settled in and J went to check her, and before she did, the patient said "now just a heads up, I have uterine didelphys, so check the right one." I have totally HEARD of this, but never actually SEEN it. There are different "degrees" of it, but this particular patient had two cervix's two separate uterus' (or is it uteri) and a vaginal septum. She was totally cool about answering questions and said that the first time she ever went in for a pap she had more visitors than ever 'cuz all the staff who'd never seen one wanted to see what it actually looked like. I didn't get to check her, but J said it was about the weirdest thing ever, and when she felt the baby's feet that totally weirded her out too. Long story short, the gal got to go home, but I totally want to be her nurse for her section in a few weeks!
She told us some great stories too, but since this is a PG blog...she did say she has to tell her husband at times to "just pick a side." J and I were rolling. It was cool to feel her stomach, you could feel the baby on her right side, but then her left side was soft and "normal." If you put the US or toco on the left side, it was the same empty hollow sound you'd get if you put it on any random woman's stomach. It was cool. So chalk that up as something else I'd never seen before. I swear, only a L&D nurse would be bemoaning the fact that this lady didn't have a block, because I would totally have been all over checking that cervix.

Babies Today: 1M
Babies Total: 6M (I need some girls!)
Vag: 4M
C/S: 2M

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