Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just A Little Overwhelmed...

I am way glad that I don't have to work tomorrow. After today, my head is spinning and I need some time to sit and think though everything that I learned and absorbed and experienced today. I told J today that I don't need anything else on orientation, because in the last 2 days, we have done everything. We did ante's and a vag delivery/recovery yesterday, we did a scheduled section today, and then we did a non-scheduled section for a fetal demise that totally just finished off my day today.

I should have known that today was gonna be crazy. I thought J and I had gotten everything lined up to do ante's for a while so that was totally what I was expecting when I walked in, but no, we were scheduled for the 0900 c/s. That's cool too, I really don't HATE doing much of anything around there, I need practice at it all. So we got our little primip ready and as we're getting ready to walk back, the doc calls us from the main OR and says that his 0730 case got bumped b/c of a staff meeting he forgot about, so it wasn't gonna start 'till after 0830, so we didn't end up in the back 'till after 10. So baby #1 for the day. Section went fine, we caught a missed lap and he had to go back in and dig it out and reclose her up. I guess those things do happen in real life!

So things got interesting when we were about 30min into our 2hr recovery and we hear that there's a patient coming over from an office that is ruptured, and breech and has known multiple fatal anomolies. So who's gonna do her section? Of course J and I will!

Poor J, she gets a million and one props. She is the most amazing nurse ever. She takes whatever is thrown at her and just does it, and does it right, and makes it all look so easy. I don't know how she does it all. I got a crash course in C/S charting today, and poor J's trying to take care of two patients, look over my shoulder while I'm sifting through the chart and explain things and being the most amazing preceptor and she still gets it all done in less time than it would take a regular nurse, and you never hear her complain about it.

I think that everything that I got to do for the 1st section made me a tiny bit more helpful on the 2nd section. The 2nd case was just a mess, with no papers filled out, the family didn't really know what they wanted done with the baby after delivery, they were still in denial I think. There wasn't good doctor communication which made everything just all the more hectic. Nobody really knew exactly what was going on until it just happened.

The baby had hydrocephaly, it's head was 45cm around. They weren't positive what was wrong with it, but I think ti was something genetic. Mom was only 21, and this was her first pregnancy. She was 36.4, so not even full term, but baby looked so perfect except for the big head. When he came out he had a heart beat, so it was considered a live birth, but he made no attempts to breath. He had a heart beat for almost 2 hours afterwards. Things like that just tear me up. I didn't actually cry at the hospital, but I think I was so wrapped up in the charting and just the overwhelming everything that I was focused, but it's kind a hitting me tonight.

J had to leave at 1600 and so another nurse came on, and then there were 3 of us back there, and I was in the middle of it. When J was there it all seemed to be going pretty smooth, but then when she left I felt like it kinda fell apart. So then from 1600-2000 when I left, it was just chaos, and I'm not really sure that everything got done, but I felt like I did ok for myself. I was actually left back in the recovery room with the patient, baby and everything for an hour while the other nurse went to a meeting. So I got the photographers in there, got more paperwork filled out, rounded up another nurse to help me and got lots of ends tucked up and finished all on my own.
I was so spent and worn out by the time I left. I called Jennifer and she asked me how my day was and I said "well, I LEARNED a LOT." I wouldn't say my day was great, having to help a family though the loss of a baby they never really to a chance to know is never "good," but I feel like I really learned and got to do a ton. I think that's the best way to learn...sink or swim!

Babies today: 2M c/s
Babies total: 4M
V ag total: 2M
C/S total: 2M

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