Friday, August 29, 2008

Being The "Baby" Nurse

Whenever I tell someone that I work in L&D they 8/10 say "Oh, you're a BABY nurse!" Wrong. I am not really a baby nurse, I am a "mommy" nurse. True, lots of what we do depend on the baby, and until the baby is actually "outside" we pay lots of attention to Baby, and we make lots of decisions dependent on Baby...but, in the long run, we are the nurses that take care of the MOMMY. Lucky for us, the hospital has found it beneficial to hire an entire set of nurses that specifically take care of Baby once it is in the big, bad outside world.

Well when new L&D nurses start on the floor, the people in charge have decided that we should all spend a day working with the Admit nurses from the nursery to learn what to do if in fact one of the "baby nurses" doesn't make it to our delivery. My hospital is the only hospital that I have found that is cool enough, safe enough, smart enough, etc to require a NICU nurse to come to all deliveries and be present when the baby is actually born. Any other hospital that I've been in says that "we call a nursery nurse if we need them..." but here, they come the same time the docs and scrub techs come to the delivery. They're a normal part of the team. Now when we're as busy as we have been lately, it occasionally happens that a NICU nurse may not have a chance to show up for a delivery 'cuz we're having so many of them, hence my day in nursery...

So I got to follow the admit nurses and help with deliveries. There were lots of deliveries, but I only got to go to about half of them because we had our first group of nursing students today too, so there was a nursing student also following the admit nurses. I got to do lots of nursery when I worked last summer, so it wasn't really anything "new" for me, so I let the nursing student get her fair share too. It was interesting to have a student remember that I was in her shoes just two years ago. Crazy...
Babies today: 3M/1F=4
Babies total: 9M/4F = 13
Vag: 7M/4F = 11
C/S: 2M

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