Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kinda Sorta On My Own

So I got a little more taste today of what it was like to be "on my own." I felt pretty independent, with someone right there if I needed anything, but the nurse that I worked with (it was J's day off) was awesome about being there when I needed her, but otherwise saying "let me know if you need anything!"

I did a PIH eval almost totally on my own, 2 recoveries really on my own, and I got to do a lot of a labor with minimal assistance. Well, probably more assistance than I realized, but I really did feel like it was "my" patient. I'm sure that in a few months I'll be wishing that I had someone to help me and check up on me, but right now, I'm kinda enjoying the somewhat-independence. All then nurses are great at encouraging me about everything, but N is great about saying "see, you know how to do this." "You know more than you think you do." I need to hear that, and hearing if from more than one person is what really starts to convince me of that fact. There were just a few things she had to remind me of, and I did lots of the charting by myself, and talked to the docs too. I can't wait until that's just routine and I don't get so worked up about it. I swear I get tachycardia every time I have to talk to a doc on the phone or in person. I start stumbling over my words and I totally forget everything I had thought out to say. Then I look really dumb!

Our labor patient was a lot of fun today, she's a nurse too, so she was very understanding. When I blew her IV she didn't bat an eye and she was fun to talk to and it was obvious that she knew what was going on and understood what it was like to be a nurse.

I'm in nursery tomorrow...I hope it's busy, otherwise it can be a long day. Maybe I'll get more of my orientation manual filled out. Now doesn't that sound fun!

Babies today: 1F
Babies total: 6M/3F = 9
Vag: 4M/3F = 7
C/S: 2M

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