Friday, August 8, 2008

Birthday #2

How uncreative of a title is that...but at the moment that's all I can think of, so I'm sticking with it. I don't know why I'm so exhausted, but I'm getting ready to lay down and take a nap that I've been thinking about all day. I think I may die when I actually have to work a 12 next week...maybe I should try getting some sleep the night before and see what happens.

I worked with a different nurse since J wasn't there today, which was totally ok but I'm ready to work with J next week. I really enjoy working with N though, she says it like it is and she's great at making me feel like I'm the one taking care of the patient, not just standing in the shadows. I was more than a little bummed and worried about how the day was gonna go when things didn't start off too hot with 2 missed IV sticks. The first one was totally crazy and bled fine until I tried to draw labs, then it clotted or something and I couldn't even run the fluids though it. The second vein disappeared when I did the lidocane, so N had to put it it (we have the 2 stick rule). I think it kinda frustrated the patient and her husband and even more so her husbands' mom. I'm pretty sure they wrote me off after that, but they came around by the end. Must be my very charming nature...ha!

I figured we were in for a long day after the bad IV's, and then when the patient was asking for an epidural before the Dr. even showed up around 0830. This was baby #2, so everything was compared to last time. Even the "long" pushing of 30 minutes she did the first time ;) I must say, I've never seen a dad more interested in the delivery process. I've seen lots of great support coaches and comforters, but he was all up in everything, not in the way, but just very involved. He wanted to watch the epidural and when we put her up to stirrups he got all ready and put gloves on and wanted to stand where he was right next to the Doc, so we gave him the AstroGlide job. It was cool, and his wife was ok with it too. Their 1st little boy was adorable and kept us in stitches all day. He was pretty excited for his little brother, and ever time Mom would have a UC or we'd turn her, he'd come over and say "I love you Mommy. Are you ok, Mommy?" It was so cute.

I had a short day again today and was only on the floor 'till about 1230, then again from about 1315-1500, trying to avoid overtime. I made it to the 1337 delivery though! I like deliveries with Dr. L, he's a good doc and really good to the patients (at least from what I've seen).

So 1 baby today, plus a hand in a few triages so that wasn't bad. I did lots of paperwork, and I think remembering the charting is coming back slowly but surely. I get most frustrated with myself because I have to stop and think about every step that I'm doing. It seems so natural for all the other nurses, even the newer nurses make it all look so easy, but I feel like I'm bumbling around and always forgetting something and just always a little off kilter. N and J always assure me that it will come with time, but that I have to give it time and not expect it to be 2nd hand right away. But time is the hard part!

Babies today: 1M
Babies Total: 2M
Vag: 2

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