Friday, October 24, 2008

1 Shift and I'm Wore Out!

So I'm not sure why I'm tired after today, it really wasn't that big of a deal. But go figure, the first/only shift I've worked since Sunday and I just totally felt like sitting on my butt and being lazy. I knew ahead of time that we had signed up for C/S, so that thought was in the back of my head. Call me picky, but C/S really aren't my favorite. I'm not really sure why, but I just feel like the nurses don't really get involved, and I sure as heck don't feel like and L&D nurse circulating a C/S. Really, I put in an IV, play secretary/scheduler for the docs/scrub techs/and anesthesia and then stand in a corner with a mask on for 45 minutes, do my little fundal checks for 2 hours and that's that. I don't feel like that is L&D nursing in the least.

Our patients were terrific today, great couple, second baby, and finally a girl! Normal 39wk repeat C/S, but then one of the cord pH's came back nasty and last I heard baby was in the NICU getting a sepsis workup and grunting. We had a little explanation chat with mom and dad when in recovery they were saying "Oh look, she's talking to us! How cute!" Sorry, that's not talking, that's your baby trying to breath, and it's not "cute." But I think the pH was a fluke and hopefully baby will be fine by tomorrow.

Did a couple triages after our section, had a delightful meeting with the gal in charge of making sure all of our charge sheets are filled out right, etc, etc. Great afternoon :) lol. My whole family's out of town for the weekend, so it's just me and the cat! Time to catch up on some sleep and vegetate a little before my 8hr NRP class on Monday! I can't wait!! :(

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 25M/16F = 41
Vag:19M/14F = 33
C/S: 6M2F = 8


  1. Have fun with NRP. Ugh. At least when you go to renew every 2 yrs, it's about half the time as the initial certification. Only 4 hrs! Weeeee!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words on my blog! I completely agree with your thoughts on C/S. I have a feeling those will take some getting used to for me, as well.