Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Add Another Baby..

So the goal from here on-out on orientation is more deliveries! It's gotten pretty standard that J and I each have our own patients now, we usually get assigned two, I get one and she gets one, and then she walks in during delivery or if I need something. So, it's a lot more of me on my own, which is really good for me. I had a different doc than the one I had all last week, and I was ok with that. This doc is a lot lower key and doesn't make me QUITE as nervous.

For the first time in a long time I had a not-so-nice strip to play with. Nothing too crazy, but we did get some pretty decent variables from about 3cm on, and it's a good thing she went from 4-complete in about 45 minutes. For a prime that wasn't too bad! It was good for me to get to work with the strip and try different things to try to get the variables to go away: turning, turning, checking, turning, fluid bolusing, turning, O2, etc. Looking back on the strip nothing really ever worked, but baby recovered great and had great variability and kept a decent baseline aside from the variables. They were a great couple, pushed for about an hour, and they were way happy with the results I think. Baby was really cute, lots of hair!

She was pretty set on an epidural from the beginning, but I tried some of the tips that eveyone's been giving me, and I think they worked ok. She got her epidural about 11am after a night of cervidal. She asked lots of questions and asked when I thought she should get it. I told her that it had to be her choice, that it was never "too late" to get it, but that if she knew she wanted it, not to "make herself" be 6cm to get it. I think she was happy with when she got it because she got good relief from it and got to really rest/sleep for about 45min-hr before things started happening all at once.

What felt like it drug on forever was the recovery. She delivered about 1510, but we didn't have an available nurse until shift change so she was 4 hrs out of recovery when I finally got to move her over. Oh well, at least I knew her legs worked!

Babies today: 1M
Babies total: 21M/15F = 36
Vag:15M/14F = 29
C/S: 6M1F

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