Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Of Those Days...

Today was a day from I'm not sure where...really, I'm not sure where it came from. When I first looked at the board today J and I were next to a primip who was 9/100/0 and a patient of the same doctor that I had my little "learning experience" with last week. Hmmm...but I figured it would be a fast delivery and then who knew what we'd get the rest of the day. I got report from the night nurse and was getting ready to walk into the room when there was a little discussion about assignments and J and I ended up taking one of the 2 0700 inductions for the day that another nurse had just taken back into the room. So we did a little switch, I gave my report and card to another nurse and grabbed the induction chart and walked into her room.

The couple was great, this makes 2 days in a row with totally normal, fun, interactive couples! I'm on a roll :) Baby came out great, she was adorable, big brother loved her, she was a bottle baby, it was a great morning. We even beat our time of 1109 from yesterday with a 1042 baby!

So working on an easy recovery, so we should be the perfect people to take the 1200 induction (who schedules an induction for 1200?). Then all the pieces click, this isn't just a 1200 induction, this is the family practice patient who's doctor is recently out of school, has delivered maybe 2 babies at our hospital and is the same patient who has come in during her pregnancy swearing that she had a "pulsating cord between my legs." Really, a pulsating cord between your legs? Ok...that's a first for me!

Anyway, all over her chart is "natural labor" "no epidural." Those patients are usually pretty intense, but this one could have knocked my socks off. It was an amazing delivery, I don't think I heard this woman make one peep besides some concentrated, steady, controlled breathing during her 2hrs of UC's. I stood by her bed for probably about all of those 2 hours just waiting for her to lose it and the screams to start. Nope, she'd breathe with the contractions, then be fine, chatting, talking to her 10 and 11year old daughters, watching her 18month old daughter run around the room and talking to the 2 grandmas, a grandpa and a husband in the room. Party city!

The only time I really thought I was going to get a little nervous was when I went out to get a warm blanket after we had just checked her, she was maybe 8/90/-1. The doctor had been hanging out at the hospital and had just come into the room, so I ran out for a sec and I come back in, the doctor and the dad are trying to get this girl up in stirrups and the doctor says "just pull levers 'till something moves." Wow. So I asked if she was complete, because that's when I'm used to putting patients up in stirrups. "No, she's about 8, but she's feeling pressure." Really, she's got a baby's head sitting in her vagina and no pain medicine on board!? So I kinda took over the stirrups part and remarkably the delivery went pretty well. Few seconds of shoulders after that head went "thud" (the "thud" every labor nurse knows and fears...) but nothing a little suprapubic pressure didn't fix! Baby was actually 9#9, and mom came away intact after one real push. I told her I wanted to video that labor and show it to all my 1cm thrashing in the bed people who are determined to go natural... :D

So looking at my birthdays today, the day wasn't too bad (other than that the last one was at 1901 and I left at 2000...). It was. the middle of the afternoon that I thought I saw my whole nursing career flash before my eyes

Babies today: 1M1F = 2
Babies total: 18M/15F = 33
Vag:12M/14F = 26
C/S: 6M1F

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  1. You seem to be lucky, getting all of these inductions that deliver so quickly for you on your shift! Honestly, most of the time, inductions don't work quite that fast. We usually start our inductions around 7:30-9:00am, and they "usually" don't deliver until the 3-11pm shift (or later).