Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So I really like this feeling of being more independent. I felt really bad for J today though, I like it I get to work "with" her instead of her just "watching" me. I really, really want to know that I can do it and that I an handle it on my own, but I like to work "with" her too. Here I go getting all mushy again...haha.

ANOTHER awesome couple today, I'm getting so lucky! It was nice to have a multip after yesterday. I was so proud of my couple yesterday though, she pushed out a >9# baby about 45 minutes after I left last night. Go her!! Anyway, great delivery today. I got to do lots more patient education, which really, honestly is when I feel like the best nurse. I love it when I know what I'm talking about and can make my patients feel calmer, relaxed and informed. This poor gal, her first delivery was slightly rocky. She had a family practice doctor, a pretty big baby, she couldn't feel to push, she got a really bad 4th degree tear, a different doc had to repair the tear (because an FP can't do it), bad mec, vac delivery, pushed for 5 hours, baby was in the NICU with lots of problems for 7 days, she was in the hospital for a while. I was impressed that she was back for another round!

You could see the fear in her eyes when she walked in this morning, and the fact that she was already 4-5cm made it more intense for her. She got a really good block, could feel to push, pushed all of 3 times, was in stirrups for 5 whole minutes. I was so proud of her. You could just see the shock and awe in everyone's eyes when this baby got to stay in the room with them and she got to hold and breastfeed within the first 20 minutes. That's the stuff you remember and why I go to work every week. When I moved her over to her postpartum room she even said, "I still can't believe this. You mean he can really sleep in here with us tonight?" Wow. That makes me excited!

After I moved her over about 1300, I really sat on my butt for the rest of the afternoon. I can say it now that I'm not at work, but I was bored! The "B"word isn't allowed in our unit. Got a triage and a long term ante toward the end of the shift, but other than that...not too exciting. But a baby is a baby, and every delivery grows my confidence level!

Babies today: 1M
Babies total: 19M/15F = 34
Vag:13M/14F = 27
C/S: 6M1F

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