Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Newbie Nurse Blogger Award

So I was totally thinking about NOT blogging tonight because it's been a day from I don't know where and I have a flight for TN that leaves at like 0715 tomorrow which means I have to leave at 0530 to get to the airport on time. BUT, I decided that I had to tell at leas a few stories about today, so I got on and was checking out the blogs that I read every time I have the chance, and look what I found...

Birthday Nurse -- A new grad on L&D, and new to blogging! She creates a nifty running total of how many babies she has helped enter this world, and tells things from a new nurse point of view. Check out her blog, and help support her on her journey into labor and delivery nursing!

At Your Cervix is one of the most amazing blogs I've read, and it's probably the reason that I started writing down my stories too. It kept me awake multiple nights that I worked as a 1:1 aid this summer before passing my boards, and many nights after that. The stories are great, the author is a great writer and photographer and has a knack for teaching her readers (at least me...) tons of stuff through her blogging besides making me laugh!

She totally made my day/night!

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  1. Gee, my blog posts helped keep you up at night as a 1:1 aid? Wow!!

    At least, it's a good thing that my posts didn't put you to sleep....