Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy For A Weekend!

Between the 2 12's in a row, and then babysitting last night until 2300 after I got off...I got no blogging done this weekend! Actually, for a weekend stint, it was decent. It was never crazy busy, but weekend rarely are. We had a total of 6 deliveries on my two shifts, and I did 3 of them, so 50% for me, not too bad!

Saturday morning I was excited because I got to deliver my friend from church. It was kinda fun, but it also makes you look at everything differently, and I don't know that I like that. Not only are you thinking of it in a medical way, but you're also thinking of it as "I really know this person" in brings in a whole new aspect. But good delivery, first time delivering "as a nurse" with this particular doc. They're one of those docs that us nurses sometimes roll our eyes at. At times says things that we wonder if really should be said in a delivery in front of patients. But I'm sure that I have said things maybe that shouldn't be said either, so live and learn. But this doc has earned a reputation for getting flustered. I did get some compliments from the doc through my preceptor "Wow, J, she did really good!", so that made me walk on air for a few hours at least.

After recovery A was almost over, I picked up the induction for the day that had to come back at noon after she showed up at 0700 after eating breakfast on the way for her induction. she wasn't necessarily excited when she came back after we'd already sent her home once that day. She delivered for me about 1815 though, so it all worked out ok, and I wasn't the same nurse that had sent her home in the morning so that made it a little better too. Another FP delivery, but nothing too shaky like they can be. She did have a nasty strip at times and we ended up turning the pit off, but she labored fine without it so no biggie.

Sunday it was a 37+5 weeker who SROM'd. Great delivery, and she said it was much better than her first delivery 3 years ago at a different hospital where she got a 4th degree, a vac and had "horrible nursing staff." Her poor husband said, "well, maybe one or two of them were ok" and she jumped right back in and said "no, nobody was good there." Made me a little nervous, but they were lovely and had a lovely delivery. I love it when doc's aren't in too big of a rush and let the baby sit there and really stretch out the perineum. No tears and it seems to save the baby some wear and tear too. After we moved that recovery over, all 4 of us nurses sat and stared at our board that actually had...........not one patient on it. That NEVER happens. Never, never, never, never. J said that in the 9 years she's been there she's seen the board like that maybe 3 times. So we watched football instead :)

Now I don't have to work 'till Friday!! That's what I call a good week, but by Friday I'll be ready to go back and jump back in. Guess it shows I'm still a newbie :)

Babies this weekend: 3M
Babies total: 25M/15F = 40
Vag:19M/14F = 33
C/S: 6M1F


  1. So, you're docs don't "allow" women to eat before coming in to be induced? How barbaric! We always encourage our moms to eat before coming in - because we won't feed them during labor! Just clear liquids, or if you get the old fashioned doc, you don't even get ice chips. Now *THAT* sucks!

  2. I'm glad that being your friend's nurse went well...and that it worked out that you were there that day.