Thursday, December 18, 2008

1/2 A Shift

So when I was at work Monday night I figured I would do my good "nursing duty" and sign up to be on-call from 1900-0100 last night (Wednesday night). There were already 6 nurses scheduled, and I don't remember the last time I heard them calling someone in from "off the door" where we sign up for extra shifts, so I really didn't think they'd use me.

I finished teaching piano lessons about 1700 and thought I would just call to see if they had an idea if they would need me or not...and the day charge nurse said "Come in!!" and sounded pretty desperate. So I dashed to the gym, only got in a 40 minute run and then jumped through the shower and went to work, and they really used me the whole 6 hours! I only had a cervidil, but everyone else was either doubled up or in the back doing sections, so I guess they really did need me! I guess the "ante" world hit today and there were 7 or 8 antes who were gonna be longterm or at least until they were seen by MDS tomorrow, plus a few cervidils and a c/s left over from day shift and that was enough for 7 nurses I guess! See if I ever feel it my "duty" to sign up for extra shifts again and not think they'll use me, ha!

But an extra 6 hours is an extra 6 hours and it makes up for going home early on Monday night. Now I get a day off and then work Friday/Saturday/Sunday, what a way to totally take up a weekend. But it's weekend pay, and then I work both Christmas day night and New Years Day night, so that will be some good $$ on the next pay check if it doesn't go to taxes. Good thing too, I need Christmas money!

Speaking of Christmas, we still don't have ANY Christmas stuff up and we us ally have 4 trees up between all of us in my house (mom's got a tree, then the 3 of us kids all have tree with 'our' ornaments on it...)! That's what happens when you get busy with programs and all the other Christmas stuff going on. But it's still kinda depressing and doesn't feel like Christmas yet. But I'm also wondering if it's even worth it at this point...

Babies today: 0...I'm getting sad that I haven't had a baby in awhile. I know we don't do as many deliveries on nights, but it's starting to make me sad!
Babies total: 28M/24F = 52
Vag:21M/21F = 42
C/S: 7M3F = 10

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  1. Where are all the multiparas that come flying in and pop em out? I have had 4 babies during the night shift, and those have been in less than 2 hours of arrival (with two caught by nurses...three total of mine were caught by nurses but the last one was OP and the doctor wouldn't stay in the room). I guess they must be inducing so much that these women come in during the day. My natural way is to labor beginning somewhere around late afternoon/early evening. Then, sometime in the late night or very wee hours of the morning I decide I cannot stay home any longer. I thought this might be the natural way for most women, but maybe not...and with nature being messed with, likely not. I hope you get some sweet babies on Christmas!