Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tired of Being Frusturated

~~ Sorry the time/date is wrong on here! It should have been about 2045 on the 22nd...but I got called into work so this got posted after I got home :) ~~

So after I left work this morning I really am not sure that I'm ever going to feel confident in this job! I know there are shifts when nothing seems to go right, and everyone has them...I think I just had one. What a way to top off an already long weekend (even if I was on call Saturday night!).

Started off the night with one ante who was in for a PIH eval and a 24-hour urine, 38 weeks, no big deal. Well then at 1855 another gal walks in, and guess who got elected for triage duty? So I took her back and got her started, it took me an hour before I got into my original patient'sroom.

Finally get both of them somewhat settled and my PIH baby starts randomly "dumping." Baby was all around a little 'sleepy' but nothing too overly horrible, mom's uterus had some irregular irritability that she was sleeping through. Then every 2 hours or so she would have a big titanic contraction and baby would drop down into the low 70's then by the time I would get in there and turn her it would come back up. I turned her back and forth every time, I gave multiple fluid boluses, she slept with oxygen on, the whole 9-yards. The baby had been doing this randomly since she'd come in that afternoon and the doctor had been made aware of it and hadn't given any new orders.

About 0200 another triage rolls in, of course I'll take it! It's a high-maintenance/out of control ROL. She was 3.5, I'll give her that, but it took us 45 minutes to get an IV started because she wouldn't hold still, wouldn't listen, etc. So finally get her a block about 0430, meanwhile my PIH baby is dumping again and I'm holding my new girl in position for a block, my antibiotic needs to be hung 30min ago for my first triage, and what do I hear when I get out to the desk "by the way, your baby dumped." "Thanks, did anyone go in there to check on her?" "No." Thanks. I know everyone's busy, but I couldn't leave the room. I know there was at least 1 nurse sitting at the desk because she said she watched it! Anyway...

I think I almost have everything caught up by about 0545. My "ROL" is now complete and can't feel anything. The doc's updated and said to labor her down and she'll be in soon, everyone else is caught up and charted, both of my other patients are sleeping, so I got everything ready for the delivery. Deep breath in. PIH baby dumps again at 0630 right as day shift is walking in...

My 3 patients are split up between 2 day nurses...go figure. The one getting my antes wants to know why nothing's been done about the PIH baby. I have tried everything, everyone else has seen my strip and has no suggestions, I was even told "sometimes you just can't fix it." Get through report on the antes with the gal gonna deliver my "ROL" breathing down my back very upset that she's not delivered yet, right as the doctor walks around the corner.

I can only do so much people! I AM still new at this...the one thing that made me feel better was that the nurse taking my antes said "looks like you were spread a little thin last night." I figured that it was just me and that I was being a baby about it. She said "there's a time to learn and there's a time where someone needs to step in and help you when you need it." I felt like I needed it last night, that's for sure! I felt stranded and like none of the other nurse there really cared or wanted to help me. So I'm sure I forgot something, and I'm sure I got on a couple people's black list for not doing the right thing and making stupid decisions, but I'll get over it in time and learn from it and do better next time.

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave! I really do love my job still...I just hope my job still loves me...!

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  1. a labor and delivery nurseDecember 23, 2008 at 8:11 AM

    Ok, so you have an antepartum pt who might have PIH, who's baby is having decels. Then a triage patient. Then another triage patient, who gets admitted, epidural, labor, etc. All at the same time?
    Sounds like some mighty poor assignment making. Do you not have a dedicated triage nurse? Do you work in a really small hospital with a small amount of staff on each shift?
    Because this just sounds like a cruddy situtation, not a problem with YOU. THen, your coworkers didnt even go do anything about your decel?
    That really stinks. I'm sorry.