Tuesday, September 9, 2008

12-hr Shift...17 Babies

I guess when you walk into work during a thunder storm that's been going on all night and see absolutely no green (ante) names on the board and every room has a red (labor) name...you know it's gonna be busy. And when you see that one of the room's has twins and there's another set of twins scheduled for a C/S you know you're gonna have lots of babies before the day shift goes home!

I only got one of the 17 babies, but once again, I did it all by myself...almost. Even more than Friday. It was a VBAC which was the first of those I've done. It doesn't really change anything, except that you're more careful with how much Pit they get and you almost always get an IUPC so you don't hyper-stim. I got to FEEL a cervix change, from a very tight 2 to complete over a full day. Another multip who went fast at the end, but when she was till only about 5.5 at 1700, I was positive we weren't gonna meet the baby. But at 1751...here comes baby! I was positive on every one of my exams, and that is the coolest feeling in the world; confidence!

I got the message that I have to take 60hrs of vacation before December 20. I'm gonna take about 6hrs in a couple weeks, and maybe another day or two in October. Taking is vacation is something I don't have a problem doing :)

Babies today: 1F
Babies total: 13M/7F = 20
Vag:7M/7F = 14
C/S: 6M

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