Monday, September 22, 2008

Rockstars For A Day

I was really worried that Sunday was going to be like Saturday with not much action. I was half wrong. J and I got a really nice unblocked multip who had SROM'd at like 0130, and was not 5-6cm. She went really fast and we had a cute baby boy at 0805. She did so good, and had such good control. I want to be like that when I have a baby! I see the other side of it too, the people who try to do it naturally and have absolutely NO control and are all over the bed and saying lots of choice 4-letter words. Those patients grind on my last nerve and I wish it could be a nurses' order to get an epidural.

As we were walking back from taking our first patient over to postpartum I was thinking it was gonna be a long rest of the day b/c there weren't any more patients for us to take. I went into the galley to get a cup of coffee and get a page that there's a patient at the end of the ramp needing a wheelchair. 30 minutes later we had another baby. That's my kind of delivery! Well, actually, it was a little harried and I kinda just stood by and watched it all happen. I'd like to think that I did something to help but I'm not sure if I did or not. I think after doing so many deliveries, everyone seems to go onto auto-pilot when something needs to happen fast. I still have to stop and think about each step, but they know just what to do and what's priority. It's like a 3 person job when someone precips like that, but talk about an adrenaline rush! That's why I love it!

After we had baby #2, there was absolutely nothing. We got lunch and sat in an empty room and watched the Chiefs game on TV, and didn't feel guilty at all! I did send one triage patient home, but that was the excitement for the afternoon. When we left at 1845 there was one recovery patient and 4 nurses to take care of her. Makes up for our 20-21 baby days last week.

Babies today: 2M
Babies total: 16M/13F = 29
Vag:10M/12F = 22
C/S: 6M1F = 7

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  1. Hi, I'm new to reading your blog and overall I think it's great. I just wanted to comment on your thoughts on control in childbirth.

    Sometimes losing control is how a woman copes with birthing naturally. While swearing and writhing all over the bed are annoying to you, it's the patient's birth.

    I'm sure you were joking when you said that you wish nurses could order epidurals for patients like this. You probably went into L&D because you have a desire to help women have positve birth experiences. It's important for you to have a respectful and caring attitude about childbirth.

    Please try and have compassion instead of annoyance.