Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Babies :(

I think today was the first day since I've been a "Real Nurse" that I haven't had any babies :( That makes me sad! I got really close though, we left a girl almost complete and he delivered at 2006 (yes I called back to check on her about 2130...I'm a sucker!). It was the weekend, so pretty quiet. there were all of 3 nurses on today plus two orientees...ha! J and I had 3 ante's and we sent them out the door and then got another triage with "vaginal pain" and sent her home in exactly an hour. We could have sent her home earlier, but it's protocol that they have to be on the monitor for at least an hour, so we took that and no more. The doctor listened to what I told him about what her s/s and he said "well, nothing I can do about it. Send her home." Seriously, you're're gonna have a lot more "vaginal pain" pushing that baby out than you are right now...

We had an 18yo prime walk in with SROM, thick mec and 4+ cm about 1430. That's who delivered after we left. She was barely 120# pregnant, and scared spitless. We didn't bond with her mom right away, she was doing all the talking for the patient and refused to let her get an epidural. She wouldn't give us any reason, just that she didn't want her daughter to get one. That about sent J and me off the deep end. You don't just say "I don't want my daughter to have an epidural" when you're daughter is sitting in bed crying and too scared (either of you or just in general) to say anything but let tears roll down her face during contractions! We finally laid it down and said that it was her daughter's decision and we couldn't just take Mom's word for it. So she got a block and pushed out a 7# baby! That's like a decent % of her own body weight. Anyway. In my opinion you shouldn't be having a baby at 18 in the first place, but it's not a perfect world.

I got another look into another world when an ante who at 17wks pregnant found out she was pregnant, and had to have a special prescription for her all important PNV's because she had to have Medicaid pay for them because she couldn't afford them. Here's some earth-shattering news: babies cost a LOT more than PNV's. If you can't afford your PNV' are you expecting to support a child? Just something to think about...

Babies today: 0 :(
Babies total: 14M/12F = 26
Vag:8M/11F = 19
C/S: 6M1F = 7

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