Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So J threatened to take me off orientation today after 2 deliveries that I did pretty much on my own. I guess that's a good thing, but more than a little scary too. She said "you don't even need me anymore!" But that is so far from true. The moment I get put on my own something bad is gonna go down and then I'll be freaked out forever.

Yesterday we had a leftover cervidil from the night before, and then she didn't change so we put in another cervidil "just stick it on your fingers and shove it up somewhere high" were my insertion instructions...haha! Anyway, this primip gives up after 1 1/2 cervidils, so she ended up being a section. Jamie had started another induction in another room, so I was doing the cervidil pretty much on my own, but then I got another nurse to go back to the OR with me. So circulation and then a section recovery. I ended my day with a nice little R/O rupture that I ticked off when I told her that she wasn't ruptured and to come back next week for her induction. Now isn't that exciting...

Today was a little more eventful. We started off with a VBAC induction. She labored really well and we had a baby at 1234. I was pretty excited about it, I did 95% of it on my own. I'm starting to get my little spiels about labor, induction, "turning," epidurals, etc. It's kinda funny.

So after we delivered baby #1, we got almost though her recovery when we took a ROL who came in about 7 with a bulging bag of water. That is the weirdest feeling. I checked her and was totally thrown off. She said she'd been having UC's all day, but that she had been 30/80 in the office the week before. I thought she was pretty close to about 6-7, but then I thought there was no way that was right, so I asked J to check her. She was 7, but we got her an IV, some IV pain medicine, an epidural and comfy before AROM. She delivered at 1721. She and her husband were awesome, it was so cute, the husband sat in a corner with an notebook and took notes on everything. What time they got the hospital, what time they got checked in, what time we gave her meds, what time we turned her, etc. He wasn't doing it to "check-up" on us, but I think that he did it so that later when things weren't that hectic they could go back and look at it and re-live their daughter's birthday. I thought it was a cool idea. I love couples who come in prepared, but also who come in with an open mind and listen and ask questions. Those are my kind of patients.

So 2 deliveries in a day...not to shabby! We had 2 days last week with 21/20 deliveries and we're almost 190 in September. J told me that if I keep giving her perfect charts to review after a delivery she's moving me to nights and then getting me on my own. Not yet...I'm not quite ready!

Babies today: 1F1M
Babies total: 14M/12F = 26
Vag:8M/11F = 19
C/S: 6M1F = 7

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