Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Day You Don't Forget

I can think of fewer cooler things than watching a set of twins born vaginally...except for one of them being born vaginally breech. I got to see it today...and it was awesome! There's something out of this world about watching one baby be born...but two? And one coming out with it's butt first...that just doesn't happen! There were 14 people in the OR (where all twins are born, just in case we have to crash into a section): mom, dad, 2 nursery nurses, the Neonatal Nurse Pract., 2 scrub techs, 2 nurses, 2 docs, a pre-med student, a CRNA and another nurse. Then the two babies. That's a big birthday a not very big room! It was way cool though.

Baby "A" had always been vertex. On the first scan this morning she was still head down, but "B" was almost transverse, but slightly breech with her butt down. Baby "A" came out in about 1/2 pushes and was way fine. Then "B" didn't flip around to easily. Her bag hadn't ruptured yet, and the doc had 2 hands up inside trying to grab feet or something to swing her around head down. The other doc was running the sono and coaching the delivering doc through the process. They guessed that "B" was small enough to try a breech delivery versus putting Mom to sleep and doing a section. It took a few minutes to get baby turned around at all, and I think we were just barely seconds away from opting for the section, but then all of a sudden the delivering doc said " I have two feet, let's go!" and a couple pushes and out came a butt and then a baby! It was way cool.

If I repeated all the things that our very "entertaining" patient told us/asked us today, I'd probably get my mouth washed out with was a long day. But I learned alot...twins are fun but a lot of work. They're twice as hard to monitor, an it's twice the paperwork and Mom is twice as uncomfortable. But, I guess you get twice the prize in the end :)

Babies today: 2F
Babies total: 13M/9F = 22
Vag:7M/9F = 16
C/S: 6M

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  1. You are very lucky to have seen a vag breech! I can say, in 7+ years working L&D, I have never seen a vag breech. It's something I've always wanted to see!