Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lots of Babies!

When I got to work on Tuesday I checked out how many babies we had at the hospital in the month of August...324! That's a lot of babies! Yesterday J and I did c/s...3 of them to be exact while the rest of the floor was completely full...maybe a good day to be in the back! When I left yesterday we'd had 13 babies just on day shift. Nurses get worn out after too many days like that!

So I got to circulate my first c/s almost by myself...of course J was there, so I kinda got to do it on my own...right? I must say, my least favorite part of delivery is the cleaning the mom up afterwards, and it seems like there's lots of that with a c/s. You have to clean them up in the OR, and then again before they leave recovery. There's just lots of rolling and turning and wiping and it's just not my favorite thing to do. Oh well, we had some great families to work with. I like it when the patients are also nurses, because they are fun to talk to and they relate to what I'm doing...kinda.
Funny story from c/s area...we were cleaning up a patient and getting ready to slide her to the bed to take her to recovery. J had to leave for a second so it was just me, the scrub tech and the anes resident to move the patient. No big deal, I just thought in my smart little head that I was gonna have to pull a little harder to slide her over. Well I guess I pulled a little too hard, cuz when I pulled, the scrub tech slid with her and landed smack on the OR table! She said "Beckie! don't pull so hard next time!" It was kinda funny...

When I worked on Tuesday, I really did a lot on my own too. We had an induction and I did all the cervix checks (still not 100% I got them all right, but the baby came out, so I guess that's what matters!) and I talked to lots of docs on the phone and it felt good! The couple was really nice, but it's a good thing J was hanging out close behind me because the patient went from 6cm to complete in about 20 minutes and I never would have figured it out on my own I don't think until the baby was in the bed. Oops...

Babies today: 3M/1F
Babies total: 12M/5F = 17
Vag: 7M/5F = 12
C/S: 5M

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