Friday, September 12, 2008

Edpidurals Are From Heaven

When I first started nursing I kinda thought that epidurals really weren't that big of a thing, and I always told myself in the back of my head that they were kinda the "easy" way out. My mom never had one with any of us 3 kids, and I figured that they were "ok" but you could really do the whole process without one...I'm starting to change my tune big time.

After J and I got report on our cervidal from last night, we quickly did a precip delivery in another room at 0731, and then I promptly resumed care of the gal we originally had and t kinda stayed that way for the rest of the day. J had to leave at one, and came in a few times to help me out, like during the 7-minute decel after a hyperstim on 5mu/pit and when I couldn't find heart tones, but other than that, I did most of it!

When we took over care, patient was 1/20/-3 and had "No epidural!" on her chart. Great...0645 is too early in the morning to see that. So when I started pit and she actually felt her first UC she was all over the bed, hyper-ventilating, on her hands/knees, sprawled in 7 different positions...J kept paging me "you really need to find FHT's..." I had ultrasound gel all over her and me, was on my knees by the bed, handholding the monitor for at least 45 minutes, trying to get more than 30sec's heart tones at a time. All this before 0800. After she was AROM'd things just got worse and the no pain medicine turned into an epidural at 1000. She was a much happier patient after that, and it was actually a really good day.

It's funny the patients that you bond with. We can have one couple that J absolutely loves and I could take or leave, and then I'm not sure J was hot on the group today, but I really bonded with them and was in the room most of the day. They asked lots of questions, but it's things like that that make me feel like I know what I'm doing, when I can answer questions and help them understand. So baby #2 for the day was born at 1724, right after J left, and I was pretty happy with how it went. Baby was VERY cute, and Mom and Dad were excited. Dad even stopped bouncing on the birthing ball long enough to get into the whole delivery thing. Maybe they were a little immature, but entertaining at least!

I told Jamie that when we work again on Tuesday she's supposed to help me focus on the things that I need to work on the most. Besides cervix exams. I want to know what I need to keep working on, besides just the making it habit stuff. Like do I need to work on talking to doctors, do I need to work on explaining things to patients, what are those types of things. Or does it all come with practice? The problem is, with practice comes the chance of screwing up...and that's my least favorite thing to do!

Babies today: 2F
Babies total: 13M/11F = 24
Vag:7M/11F = 18
C/S: 6M

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  1. Yeah, I like epidurals, too. Have had a change of heart, I guess!