Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back For More

So I was all set for nights to be lots of sitting around after Tuesday night. Last night, I think I sat down and took a drink about 0200 or so...Chipotle is still pretty tasty about 0245 when you're starving!

We did a delivery about 2130. Kid was seriously +1 or +2 when we started and she could have delivered a lot sooner of she had given any effort to pushing. There were 3 of us in her face really trying to get her to do anything. There was no pressure against that kid's head with that first 45 minutes or so of pushing. Then her lower uterine segment oozed and oozed, methergine, still oozed. So she got extra pit, and she's gonna have some bruises on her stomach from our "mashing." I think it's the weirdest thing when you check the fundus and the cervix sticks out like a tongue. Ha!!

Our cervidal across the hall came in the same time we started pushing in the other room so another nurse kinda helped us tag team. She came in saying "I've been having UC's since this morning and they've been a "9" " So why didn't you come in earlier today? Anyway, she ended up not getting cervidil, baby started looking not so good and she changed her cervix and got a block, kid still didn't look too hot, so we flipped, we turned, we bolused, we O2'd, we did it all. Still had lates with every contraction. Finally the doc showed up about 0500 and we started some pit about 0600 to see how it went. It seemed that if the contraction pattern was decent the kid looked ok, but when the pattern went dysfunctional it turned nasty. She was doing pretty good, until about 5min after we gave report and then the kid dumped, so she was rolling into the OR when I left. I felt bad for her, what a long night!

Back for night #3...

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 26M/20F = 46
Vag:20M/18F = 38
C/S: 6M2F = 8

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  1. Maybe she was "breathing her baby down"? I've heard of intentionally not pushing, but never did it myself -- the urge to push was there and I listened.