Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Night #1

So I'm nervous after the first night goes decently well...I actually thought about sitting down and blogging about 0200 this morning since I was doing nothing, but thought it wasn't very good "nursing practice" to do my first shift with a bunch of new people. The night group seems really relaxed though, and it was a good group of nurses to start out with.

I wasn't sure what kind of welcome it was when I looked at the schedule sheet when I got there and my name wasn't on the list. I guess the message hadn't gotten relayed that I was beginning orientation last night, and the nurse that I was supposed to orient with was orienting someone else, and it was slightly a mess. But I refused to go home, so after some assignment switching and swapping, I ended up with a different nurse and a different patient, which I was ok with. That nurse ended up leaving about 0100 and so then I got passed around to whoever else was watching over my shoulder. Ha! I felt bad for our cervidil patient, she was scheduled to come in at 1800, but then her doctors office had told her 2000 so we called her about 1915 asking where she was and she had the message when she got back from dinner. She came rushing in and was a little frazzled. What a way to start out a hospital admission!

I'm finding that the cervidil's run a little different than a pit induction. It's kinda the opposite order of importance. With the pit, the docs don't want to be called until you have them on the monitors, an IV started, etc, etc and are usually standing around waiting on the all important IV access before they can AROM and then get pit started whenever you get the chance (so they can get to their office on time). I guess with the cervidil they needed to be called ASAP to get the orders to put the cervidil in, and the IV and all that jazz aren't so important. So once I get the order figured out I think I'll be ok. It's still the continuous monitoring and I just have all the specific do's/don't's to figure out. I feel bad for the cervidil patients though, they hurt and cramp all night and there's nothing really I can do for them. Most doc's don't want an epidural for a cervidal and it's more annoying than really changing the cervix in most cases. The orientee that stole my preceptor, both of her cervidils delivered though! Oh well, maybe that will be me next time!

It wasn't bad for a first night, but I'm going to be sad if I don't get a baby at least once in a while. We had an 8hr computer downtime too, so that was something else I learned...paper charting! All the "old" nurses say it's way easier, but it's not easier when you've learned how to do it on the computer and have never done the paper stuff. It's just as confusing as them trying to do the computer charting.

I took brownies in last night, I'll remember next time that a couple of the nurses are allergic to nuts...oops! There was still about 1/2 a pan left so I left them for day shift so they didn't think that I didn't love them anymore. I'll bet they'll be gone when I go back tonight!

Babies today: 0

Babies total: 26M/19F = 45

Vag:20M/17F = 37

C/S: 6M2F = 8


  1. Once the night shift gals warm up to you, you will LOVE the teamwork on nights! It's a WHOLE different ballgame than days!

  2. I was a cervidal induction and it did NOT go according to plan. I'll just post a quick rundown though. I was being induced due to pre-e at 37 weeks. I'd been fighting constant BH/PTL since 33 weeks and had been on Procardia until 36 weeks.

    Went in at 7pm and was having a few BH every 5-10 min. By the time everything was started it was 9pm and then it took about 20 minutes to get it in due to cervix placement I guess. Around 11 contractions were becoming painful sometimes and nurse checked on me. At 12 she checked my cervix and I was only at a 2 but very painful contractions. I got IV pain meds. She said she'd check again in 2 hours. I called at 1:45 to have her check me and I was a 4. I asked for the epi then because it was so intense, I didn't really want one. Epi guy got there around 2:30 and right before I was a 6, at 3:00 right after I was a 9. They let me rest for 20ish minutes and I delivered at 3:41 am. Sitting still for the epi was insane and I wish I could have just walked around or changed position. If I hadn't been tied to the bed I don't think I would have needed the epi at all.