Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Did It Mine Self

It seems like forever since I've actually gotten to do a delivery! I guess I should kinda get used to that, 'cuz I know I'm not gonna get to deliver every shift when I work nights. Speaking of, it looks like it's gonna be in about 2 weeks, but more on the mixed feelings on that in another blog (not tonight!)

I knew when I went to bed at 0000 this morning that I was gonna be in for a long day. I went up and visited all my buddies who are still in school in Lincoln this weekend, and so had a great 5 days off, but then of course got back late last night and was all geared up from my long weekend and didn't get to bed when I should have. I don't think I really woke up 'till about 1000 this morning.

I had a prime induction, the kardex (our cheat sheet that gets filled out when patients pre-register. It has basic health history on it, G/P, special requests for delivery, etc, etc) said that there was limited English, so that made me a little nervous. It's hard enough to calm the fears and trepidations of a prime, let alone when you're not sure if they're understanding the words you're saying. I have this really bad habit of talking loud"er" when I get nervous or excited or really into what I'm saying, add that to the natural tendency to talk louder when you're not sure if someone's understanding you and I figured I'd be yelling all day and I'd get more pages from J saying "you're talking loud again... :) " (yes, I HAVE gotten those from her before when I forget to shut the room door all the way...). Anyway, it turned out that the dad spoke pretty near perfect English, and the patient herself spoke very good English. Grandma in the corner not so much, but she was cute and sweet anyway.

This gal went much better than any of us thought she was going to from coming in 1cm this morning. She was post dates by almost a week (she'd been scheduled last week for an induction but gotten postponed because we didn't have enough rooms). She went pretty steady, 1cm/hr until about 1430, then just took off and was complete by 1515. J had her own induction the next room down, we were pushing at the same time, and she actually delivered first. One of the other nurses kinda stuck her head into my room twice to just make sure I was ok, but I really, truly did this one on my own. I pushed with her for about 50 minutes, saw the progress and the "pop" around the corner/under the bone, and made the doctor call at the "perfect" time all on my own. That made me so excited! Not calling the doc in time is always my underlying fear, and I know that I'll do it at some point, but until I've actually caught the baby without a doc for the first time, the thought scares/excites me to death. Honestly, I want to "catch" the baby on my own more than anything, but I kinda want to do it with a doc standing there behind me, at least the first time :) Now that we have our own OB hospitalists that are there "24/7" (except for the days we don't have one scheduled), we get in BIG trouble if a nurse delivers a baby. But still, I really want to do it!

Anyway, really nice delivery, kid came out with a ton of hair! Got to do a little pubic pressure for something that wasn't even shoulder's, but I pushed anyway. I was way excited and proud of myself for doing really, the whole thing, by myself. I know it's not THAT big of a deal, and I've been doing them "on my own" for a little while I guess, but it was a total self-confidence booster actually doing it on my own, without anyone in the room, blah, blah, blah.

Still didn't put me in the mood to go the gym after work, but I did anyway. Not convinced that it does any good, but I usually am glad I went when I get home. I'm getting to bed a LITTLE earlier than midnight, but still, 0515 comes way too early in the morning...

Babies today: 1m

Babies total: 26M/17F = 43

Vag:20M/15F = 35

C/S: 6M2F = 8


  1. Congrats! OMG this makes me so excited! Although i am only in my first term of the first year, but still....I cant wait to join the ranks!!

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Good job!

    As far as catching babies goes, it's really not that hard -- just remember, the most important thing is DON'T DROP THE BABY!

    But, seriously, my sister caught my second baby when I didn't call the midwife in time, and everything went so easy! Although the baby was 9lb 1oz, I was on hands-and-knees and he slid right out (but I did make sure she was ready to catch before I pushed him out the rest of the way). I didn't even tear. :-)


  3. great job!! If you want to experience a catch, under a watchful eye of one of the docs, just ask one of them if they'll let you do the catching. It's probably best to learn to catch a baby with a multip, since she has a proven pelvis, and the delivery will usually go faster. I've caught several babies under supervision of a doc or midwife in the room. It's actually a GREAT learning experience!

  4. Yay!! Good for you. What a confidence booster.

  5. aww congratulations that is awesome!!! I bet you are walking on cloud nine

  6. WOW! Must have been a great experience for you!!