Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bye Bye Day Shift :(

So the good news about going to night shift is no more alarms going off at 0515 every morning for work :) That makes me happy! It makes me very, very, very sad that I don't get to work with J anymore though. I actually got a little choked up and teary last night when I was writing her a card.

J has been the most amazing preceptor/mentor whatever you want to call it, she's been it and more. She was the one who first every taught me anything on the floor about L&D out of nursing school. I worked with her for 3 months last summer as an student intern, did over 50 deliveries with her last summer and I really think that it was because of her that I got the job offer on L&D after graduation. She was the one who encouraged me through the last year of nursing school and even more this summer after I had to re-take my boards. She's done all of my precepting and has taught me everything that I know about L&D nursing. Everything I can do I have her to thank for it, and even when I didn't believe in myself she believed in me. She let me watch and learn and then even when I didn't want to she would make me do things myself until I felt comfortable. From fixing a decel to actually knowing the difference between a cervix and the other "mushy stuff" in there, she's really taught me everything. I don't know what it's gonna be like to go to work and not see "J and B" on the board next to a patient. It makes me sad :(

I didn't really have time today to think about it though, I think I sat down for a total of about 10 or 15 minutes to eat lunch. I had one girl (not the induction that I signed up for yesterday...) that came in SROM'd about 0100 this morning, she delivered @ 1135. At 1140 a 35weeker showed up SROM'd, so I very graciously and painstakenly (NOT!) let someone finish up my recovery, cuz' this 35weeker was kinda a mess. Not a mess, mess, but just the whole "being 35 weeks and SROM'd 48hrs ago" thing can get intense.

She was going to "attempt" a VBAC, but somehow, I think she may be a C/S before midnight tonight. She wanted to go au natural, didn't want to start pit, and was about 1/50/-3 all afternoon, even after she consented to pit and an IUPC about 1600. Poor girl. I really think she could have done it if she was 39 weeks/SROM'd/4cm/100/-2. When I called to check on her she was still unchanged but they hadn't called the section yet. I hope most that her kid comes out healthy. There's something that can be scary it seems about 35 week babies. They're past the time for steroids for lungs, but yet they're still too early to come out! Hopefully the kid will come out screaming and go home in 2 or 3 days with mom and dad.

So I go to night shift next Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday nights. Every time I've worked nights before it's been doing 1:1's on the psych unit or something. I figure if I can stay awake sitting in a dark room for 12hrs all night, I can stay awake while actually doing something. My greatest fear is that since I'm the new kid on the block (speaking of, they were in concert here last night!) I'm going to end up with all the antes and recovery patients for awhile. Boo. Guess I do have to work myself up and pay my dues. And antes and recoveries are patients and people too, and I can make a difference to them too. Gotta look at the positive!

I should have known better to read At Your Cervix's blog last night before I went to bed. I had horrible, vivid dreams last night about my 27 week twins on mag going into labor and us rushing her back to the OR and her pushing and pushing and finally one baby flew out across the room still in it's sack. But then the other one got stuck and didn't come out, so the doctors decided to leave baby B inside to keep growing. It was weird, and I woke up kinda afraid to go see what happened to her once they turned her mag off last night. But it was all good and she's going home tomorrow :) Still, freaky dream!

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 26M/19F = 45
Vag:20M/17F = 37
C/S: 6M2F = 8

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  1. I also have dreams where I'm hearing call bells going off constantly. I'd rather dream about births!