Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here Goes Nothing...Well At Least Something New

I haven't put a pair of scrubs on since last WEDNESDAY morning! That's only 12hrs shy of a week! I must say, I'm feeling kinda glad to put them back on, simply because I feel like I haven't really done all that much this last week. I'm not married, I don't have kids, I'm still living at home (rent is WAY cheap and I don't have that bad of a family...), and besides several gym workouts, church over the weekend and some stuff with friends Saturday night the busiest I've been is when I cleaned all day on Friday! Maybe it's just me catching up on all the time I spent in college NOT being lazy, but I'm ready for something to do. So now I'll work 3 in a row and we'll see how I feel on Friday morning when I'm crawling into bed!

I haven't worked a night shift since the night that I found out I passed my boards. I can't believe that night was almost/only 3 1/2 months ago! I'm sure night shift as a real nurse isn't going to be that horrible, and that it even may be fun! More time to get to know the nurses and hopefully see/do some more cool things. I keep telling myself that if I can handle a 12hr shift in a dark room by myself with a sleeping patient doing 1:1's I can handle actually being up and moving and with other people. I'm excited 'cuz all the new nurses that started just before I did are on nights, and so I'll finally get to work with them again. I'm taking in brownies tonight, so hopefully that will help draw me into the hearts of the night shift without too much grief! Haha! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck. And fwiw, I lived w/my parents until I got married. You just can't beat the rent! :-) Just make sure you save up your rent money so you have a nice little nest egg -- you never know where the economy or your life will take you!


  2. Good luck! My sister works nights at Philadelphia hospital (neuro unit) and loves it - the pace is a lot nicer, she says, without all the admits etc.