Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So besides a C/S recovery last night, the only thing worth mentioning is the gal that came about midnight...carrying her baby. These are always a little scary just because you never know what to expect! (The last one of these I took from the ER brought her placenta with her and said she's dropped it carrying it down the steps and it was full of sticks and leaves and grossness...) The lady from last night said this was her 5the baby, and she just wanted to make sure it was OK. She said she had left her other 4 kids asleep at home and she didn't want to stay, but she'd already set up adoption stuff and wanted to bring the baby in.

Baby was ok, just cold from being outside, so he went to the nursery. The laborest checked out Mom and found a bunch of clots to get out. We asked if Mom wanted some pain meds but she said no, she'd just delivered a baby, it couldn't be that bad...so the laborest did a 45min D&C in the room with NO meds. There were three of us standing in there and I think we each at one point in time had to leave the room just to get some fresh air so we didn't hit the floor. She got a full placenta bucket out of membranes and clots, etc. Have you ever LISTENED to the sound of a currette scraping the inside of a uterus?! The laborest decided to use it as a learning experience for all of us and demonstrated the sound of a clean and unclean section of the uterus. Oh. My. Word. We were all standing with crossed legs and feeling really, really, really glad it wasn't us on the table...

After 20units IM Pit and 10cc IM Rocephin (that's a LOT of IM med...) Mom left with some prescriptions and a follow-up visit. She wanted to peak in the nursery just before she left to see baby one more time. On the way out to her car she told me "I wish I hadn't looked. He's so perfect. Now I'm going to cry all the way home." So then I was about crying on my way back upstairs. What do you say to a mom who just gave up her baby?! And not because she didn't want it, but because she knew that the best thing for the baby was to be with someone who could really take care of it. It kinda breaks your heart in two.

Back for #6 out of 8. I'm ready for a few days off!


  1. I also had a D&C without anesthesia. I was 10 weeks post-partum and was retaining some placenta that needed to be removed. It was very uncomfortable, I felt like someone was scraping out my insides but it was over in about 5 minutes. I'm sorta glad I did it that way because it was a clinic procedure and didn't require any hospital admission or recovery.

  2. Regarding her looking at the baby and her response - all you can do is tell her that she's a strong woman for making such a difficult decision. Hopefully a little bit of therapeutic touch is an option - a hug, a touch on the shoulder....just to let her know that you care, and are empathetic to her situation.

  3. As a birthmom myself, this year, in an extremely open adoption... there really isn't anything you can say other than "that was a strong decision". Both myself and the adoptive mom got tired of nurses coming in telling me how brave, mature, and selfless I was... We got tired of everyone telling me I was doing the right thing and the baby was going to have a wonderful mother. Finally, the adoptive mom snapped at nurse saying "she already has a perfect mother... the one who just delivered her"...

    Sometimes I think nurses try too hard to say what they deem the right thing... Really, it's okay if you don't know what to say. I would have much rather them say "What a strong decision" than anything else that came out of their mouths, because honestly, after the 10th time, it started to sound like a bunch of bullshit.

    Other than that, I love your blog!