Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More MgSO4...One More Day!

So after my experience on Friday, I walked into work this morning really excited to have at least 2 more inductions to round out my days orientation (I go to nights next week!). Boy should I have never have pre-planned what my day was gonna be like. Walk in, what color is my patent's name? Green. Next to purple names (DIU's), green names (ante's) are my least favorite! And this wasn't just an ante, it was stable 27+5 twins who had been on mag since yesterday afternoon. 2 mag patients in a row, give me a break!!!! That means no new patients for 12 hours. Just me and the twin mom. So after that put me in a very sad mood, my day wasn't too bad.

I know I should just be happy with what I get and be ready for anything, but two days of sitting on my behind watching mag babies (or answering 24 un-needed call lights) I really am ready for a delivery! This twin mom was really nice though, these are her 3rd and 4th babies, and we became friends after I let her eat food and actually walk to the bathroom vs a bedpan. Shoot, I'd be friends with the nurse who let me do that too!

Hung around after work for the staff meeting and then worked out my schedule through the end of the year with the staffing lady. It makes it a little more complicated when I can't just follow someone else's schedule! Tomorrow's my last "day." I'm about to go write some thank you cards to all the nurses who have been my "friends" during orientation, and I think I might start to cry a little. I'm not so sure about going to this night shift thing. I know exactly who I can trust on the day shift and who will look after me and answer my questions. I feel like once I go to nights I'm gonna be out there on my own and I feel like I'm taking a big step backwards and gonna have to re-learn it all again. Talk to me after next week and my first 3-in-a-row in a long time!

Oh ya, I did sign up for an induction with one of my favorite docs tomorrow. G4P3 history of rapid labors :) It's about time!

Babies today: 0
Babies total: 26M/18F = 44
Vag:20M/16F = 36
C/S: 6M2F = 8

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  1. So I have been reading your blog for the last few weeks and love it! I too am a new graduate nurse (May 2008) and work as a L&D nurse. Like you I orientated to days and then got whisked away to night shift :( I got off orientation and started my nights in September and it was scary! However the best thing I have found about nights is the team work feel of it. I work in a smaller hospital 6 labor rooms and 8 post-partums, and usually no OBs or midwives in house while on call (which sucks!) So that whole alone feeling is for sure there! However the night nurses I work with are amazing! Even though I worried about being alone and scared on nights, I have never felt that way! You can always bet on having some sort of OB emergency like cord prolapse, uterine rupture, or placental abruption (I think this happens on nights just cause the OBs aren't there! But we all band together and work like a team. Even in the worst emergency I've had, a snapped cord in the water birth tub, baby bleed out and no peds in house, I never felt alone, together we got IV access, started rapid infusions, and shipped the little one to Children's. So I guess the point to my ramblings is that the night shift is insane but it will make you such a better nurse, because you will learn to fine tune and rely on your assessment skills and the skills of your coworkers. You sound like you are off to an amazing start!