Monday, March 9, 2009

100th Post!

My all celebratory post and I'm too tired to really think much about what to say in it...

I survived my 2-day OB-ACLS class last week, it was a fun group of nurses to take it with and the instructors (two of our L&D nurses) made it lots of fun, practical and logical. So it was a fun 2 days. Working only 2 nights last week wasn't bad either, even if it did make it 5 nights in a row. I just keep adding letters after my name: RN, BSN, BCLS, NRP, OB-ACLS, CPR. Sheesh! I sound super smart!

Worked my 1st out of three last night, back for 2 more now. I was acutally "on-call" both Friday night and Saturday night and totally expected phone calls, but didn't get one either night. Speaking of, I should write that down for my hours at work tonight! Note to self... I was kinda expecting to get called last night, but I was there in all my glory, with 2 cervidils who actually behaved themselves. One of them had a "little dip" for about 2 minutes right after I got there but then baby behaved the rest of the night and she got some rest.

Of course it clustered right about 0430 and 3 or 4 walked in ruptured/laboring and then our scheduled 0730 c/s didn't show up 'till 0700 (supposed to show up at 0530) so I stayed and helped get her paperwork done. Of course she had no pre-admit stuff. I seriously think that should be a requirement to have any kind of scheduled procedure induction, C/S or otherwise. If you were scheduled for any other procedure at the hospital they'd have you write a book before you could show up for it, why can't it be the same for us? It saves everyone a TON of time, patient included. Ok, off my soap box now.

It was so nice here over the weekend, in like the upper 70's that my windows were open. Now it's in the low 30's and guess who didn't think to close her windows before work yesterday. It is FREEZING! in my room!

Babies today: 0

Babies total: 38M/36F = 74

Vag:28M/29F = 57

C/S: 10M7F = 17

Babies 'caught' = 1f

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