Monday, March 2, 2009

4 out of 5...almost done!

So I put things into perspective at work tonight when I half jokingly and half not jokingly got told I couldn't work more than 3 nights in a row again because I got grouchy after 3! I think I'm usually seen at work as a pretty happy, optimistic, enjoyable person who likes her job and is a good team player and always ready to help out with things. I didn't feel like that person last night, for the first time I really felt frustrated at some of the other people I was working with and really just couldn't take it anymore. I went in early at 1700 for a nurse so she could go home early and all I heard when I got there was about how busy day shift had been and how day shift is always swamped and they had to call in extra nurses etc, etc. So I took a brand new triage that had just walked in the door, got her all started and came out and my name was next to another patient on the board. Then I noticed it was just a cervidil coming that night. Ok, I can do that. I came back out of my triage room a few minutes later and my name was next to a 3rd patient on the board, it's ok, it's just another cervidil for the night. I jokingly make a comment about everytime I come out to the desk my name's next to another patient. Haha, funny, funny. I sent my triage home, had 5 minutes to run and see my 3 deliveries from the weekend, and come back to find yet another triage with my name on it at the desk. It's now 1900, and I know I have 2 cervidils coming at 2000.

My triage is contracting, multip, post dates, unchanged from her office visit a week ago, I saw the doc on call, she looked at the strip, said it was OK to send her home if she wasn't changed in an hour. An hour comes, her cervix doesn't change, she's still contracting every 5-7", she says she think's she'd be more comfortable at home, I gave her some vistaril and she left. Meanwhile both of my cervidils have shown up, one of the other nurses put them on the monitor for me, etc, etc. These are my 3rd and 4th patients of the night, and I know they're staying for good. So I start getting them both ready, exams, papers filled out the whole 9 yards. I'm on the phone with docs getting orders, cervidils are busy at the beginning.

As I'm walking out of my 2nd cervidil's room there's a big chaos in a room and I find out the 2nd triage I sent home literally an hour before had come back ruptured, 7cm, mec and she spit out a kid in 30 minutes. Nice going, BirthdayNurse. So I feel like the worst labor nurse and it's only 2100.

Meanwhile, 2 cervidils are supposed to be a "full nurse load" and for anyone else they seem to always be that. No, my name managed to get on at least 7 charts last night, people kept walking in, we had 6 patients walk in ruptures last week anywhere from 35wks to 41wks. Somehow my name seemed to pop up as available for every person who walked through the door. I didn't chart one set of heart tones on either of my cervidils until after I gave report to the next nurse this morning.

I was not the only nurse busy, I know that for a fact. I also know that we asked for help multiple times, asked the charge nurse to call in some help, etc, etc, but it wasn't until we had to hand her off a recovery so a labor nurse could take a new SROM'd girl in labor that some phone calls started getting made. I should just learn to keep my mouth shut and remember that I am doing the job that I always wanted to be. I know I'm tired, I know I'm hungry and haven't eaten a real meal since before I started this set of 5 shifts, and I know that this post makes me sound like a whiny wimp! So to everyone that reads this...I really do love my job, I love taking care of patients, I wouldn't trade my job for anything, I just don't like it when I'm trying to take care of too many patients at the same time and don't sit down for 12hrs!

I swear, I don't think there are any pregnant women left in the city at this point! I'm not sure how there can be!

Babies today: 0
Babies total: 38M/35F = 73
Vag:28M/29F = 57
C/S: 10M6F = 16
Babies 'caught' = 1f


  1. And don't forget -- you've been doing this whole schedule on two pints low!!

    I tend to be anemic (have been refused on blood donation because of too low iron, and one time I was borderline), and when I give blood, it takes me a while to rebound. The most memorable time (this was the "borderline iron" time), my sister and I both donated the same day, and she was walking around perky the rest of the day as if nothing happened, and I went home and collapsed on the couch and stayed there the whole day.

    Maybe you're a perky donor :-) but take care of yourself anyway!


  2. Wow. What a week. I am sorry! I graduate in May and the thought of working for "real" instead of just clinicals is terrifying. I'm worried about my feet more than anything. It will get better. It's good to love your job!

  3. Wow! I hear ya, sister. I used to be on nights at my hospital (I'm also an OB nurse) and I KNOW it gets crazy...I feel your pain. But, you seem to be a natural and you're very compassionate; PLEASE don't lose that and become jaded like alot of nurses. Hang in there!