Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Should Have Been 2...

I should be happy that I got a delivery last night, and I should be more excited that I survived the night and went the whole night only have 1 patient at a time (for a total of 2) while everyone else was getting slammed!

Walked in and pushed for 45minutes with a patient who was complete and had already been pushing for a while, then took her to the OR and had a baby about 2100. That head was in there all kinds of crooked and all her conehead was off to the side. No wonder she wasn't going anywhere...

Came back out to the madhouse after my recovery and then it snowballed. One by one, everyone under the sun came in, and stayed! One walked in at midnight and was 8cm that another nurse took, we all rushed in and got her started, then 10 minutes later another walked in that I took, she was 6cm and ruptured (leaking anyways), we figured we'd have babies flying out every which way! We got them both blocked and comfy in a good time frame, doctors called, orders written, computer charting done, etc. Then the 1st one delivered and mine didn't...and didn't...and didn't.

She stayed 6cm for a couple hours, then I re-checked her and felt a forebag that was in the way. I turned her to her side and baby took a MASSIVE dump to the 60's for a good 5-6 minutes. It was just a little scary. It was one of those decels that even the monitor can't pick up so nobody knew I was dumping, it just looked like the baby was off the monitor. I was flipping, pulling oxygen, grabbing a scalp, turning again, trying to find a heartbeat, shaking, trying to push my emergency badge just to get a second set of hands. I finally called out from the room phone and asked another nurse to come in. Too many things to do, not enough hands, a blocked patient who can't move on her own and the forever embedded "thump.......thump.......thump....." it makes 2 or 3 minutes seem like a lifetime! We ruptured the forebag and put on the scalp, heart tones came back up and the baby looked beautiful the rest of the night.

I finally started some pit and started pushing at about 0600. I pushed with her 'till about 0710, even though I figured the kid would have flown out after 2 or 3 pushes. No such luck. I gave report and left the room 'cuz I knew I was gonna be back tonight...and the baby delivered at 0715 about 2 pushes after I left. I was NOT a happy nurse. I feel like I totally gave up and should have stayed for 2 more contractions. Now I feel like a bad nurse to the patient and the nurse I gave report to. Bother...back for more tonight!

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 40M/42F = 82
Vag:29M/32F = 61
C/S: 11M10F = 21
Babies 'caught' = 1f

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  1. Mmm- I'm having my third baby in October. I'm definitely not taking my nurses for granted! I mean I never took them for granted. I never called them unless I absolutely needed something because I knew how busy they were.

    But reading your blog really shows me how much can truly go on at once with so few hands available!