Sunday, March 22, 2009

1st Set of 3 Down

One of the big plus sides of working 3 nights in a row is that it makes the days go quick! It seems like I just woke up Thursday afternoon and now it's Sunday morning and I'm going to bed! It's gone quick (and I haven't worked out at all during those days...that makes me a little grouchy!)! I have decided a few things after the last 2 nights: I'm ready to have a baby, I've gone lots of days without a baby!!! I'm tired of Mag! I think our hospital is running a special on Mag.

Friday night I sat on my butt the big majority of the night. I had one long-term ante and was triage. I did one trainwreck triage who decided she liked me, and wanted to ask for me by name when she came back for her "real" labor. Hey, a compliment is a compliment! After I sent her home I sat, and sat, and sat, and sat. We got a phone call that a hospital 2hrs away was going to transfer a 33wk PIH patient to us, so we all jumped and got ready for that. That was just before midnight. They called report about 0100 and said they were just starting the mag bolus. Then I called them with a question about 0200 and they were just finishing the mag bolus and hadn't left the hospital yet. The ambulance rolled up around 0500. The PERFECT time for a "busy" patient to come in. She was a sick little gal though, way sick.

I think Friday they had 2 PIH patients whose platelets were dropping and got down into the 50's. That's um...bad news. The transfer that I got had AST/ALT's >200 and a crazy high uric acid. Sick, sick, sick.

Anyway, so I was exhausted when I got home yesterday morning, I think more from sitting and sitting for most of the night, I felt kinda like a waste of a person and would much rather of been sitting (or sleeping!) in my bed at home if I wasn't gonna do anything at work.

Then last night, I ended up with the same patient again who was on mag after her C/S. That lasted 'till about 0100 when other rule out labor's started rolling in. Then we combined a couple post-partum mag patients and I took a couple triage's. My great triage from Friday night came back and I ended up with her again, same problem, same doctor on call, same orders, same routine. She and the FOB asked if I was working on her scheduled induction date. Hmmm...don't know my schedule that far ahead!

My labor patient was 6 when I left this morning, so no babies for me for over a week :( I guess I'm back in a few nights and it'll probably be so busy that I'll be wishing for time to just sit on my butt! Ha!


  1. The reason you havent had any babies there is because they have all been delivering at my hospital! Its like a labor and delivery mad house here!

  2. I tagged you in a Nursing post! Stop by and see my challenge!