Monday, March 30, 2009

Night 1 of 3

Ah, my last set of 3 nights before my 8 day stretch off! Hooray! People think I'm crazy for doing 3 in a row, and I do too a lot of times, but I enjoy my 8 days off, and at least I get in a rhythm for those 3 days on! Anyway...

Last night was actually really, really, really good. I had a very fun couple who were totally into having a baby. Her water had broken yesterday afternoon and she was...0.5cm dialated. Not a good place to start when the first thing she had written down was a birth plan with NATURAL all over it. So she'd walked, then we did the tub, then she walked some more, then she was almost 2 after 6 hours, then we started a little pit of pitocin and then she was still only about 2-3. I felt so bad for her. She was trying so hard, her husband was so supportive, she wanted to go natural for all the right reasons and I wanted her to do it so bad.

She finally begged for the epidural, rested and was 5cm in an hour, then complete an hour after that. That's what an epidural will do for an exhausted body! Pushed for about 30 minutes and was holding her baby. I was so proud of her, and I hope in retrospect she's proud of herself too. We had a nice long talk about the whole labor process and the hard things about the water breaking and not being in labor and it being your first baby and being closed when you start out. I know it's possible to go totally natural with the first baby and I think she totally could have done it, but it was a rough starting ground for her I think she just wore herself out. I am 100% convinced that her 2nd baby will be different and I know she'll do it.

She was my only patient all night, another nurse delivered 32 weeks twins who went from 2cm to complete in 20 minutes. That was a little excitement at 0200! i think we're running a special on umbilical cords with "true knots" in them. My baby came out with a nuchal, a true knot and it's feet all wound up in the cord. One of the twins had a true knot and I think a baby had one last week. Parent's don't know how lucky they are when those kids come out ok. It may have explained my two random decels last night though!

I think Joint Comission is coming "to a hospital near us" this week...let's hope they come on day shift and after Tuesday night!

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 40M/41F = 81
Vag:29M/32F = 61
C/S: 11M9F = 20
Babies 'caught' = 1f


  1. Those early ruptures are hard! I would love to see more flexibility in the 24-hour time limit, I think that tends to rush the pitocin in and that leads to the epidural etc. etc.

  2. Oh poor Momma! But sometimes our birth plans just don't go according to plan. In all honesty I've always written up a Birth Plan but never gave it to the nurse or doctor. I just trusted them to do their job and both of my daughters' births were wonderful (aside from major meconium prior to birth with daughter #1 and a broken clavicle with daughter #2).