Friday, March 27, 2009

Done For the Week

I only worked 2-nights this week since I got call on Tuesday, but seriously, I think I'm just as worn out! I feel like I've worked 3-nights...and I guess I technically did work an extra 9hrs on Sunday night, but it still wasn't 3-in-a-row. Convinces me all the more that half the effort is the mental part, and I had to psych myself to get ready to go to work Tuesday anyway before they put me on call.

Anyway, I had a nice delivery last night, well, I guess it was good. The poor girl had been in the hospital all day since about 0800 contracting randomly, but never changing her cervix all day. The day nurse tried 3 or 4 times to send her home but she said "it still hurts" so more stadol, etc, still no cervical change. So the on-call doc when in about 1930 to try to convince her it was just false labor and do go home...surprise surprised, she was 4cm instead of the 2cm! So she got to stay...

I got her blocked, labored, started some pit, put on my very own scalp lead...I was quite impressed with myself :) Then mom spiked a temp right before delivery, then baby came out with a temp, we'll see how that all ends up. Nuchal X1, no wonder I had variables all night!

We're switching our IV catheters over to new ones, and I get a candy bar (or so I'm told) because I started 2 of them last night. They are quite different and I have to stop and think about exactly how they work every time I use them. They're nice 'cuz they have a built in extension tubing and a saline lock on them, but they're just a little different. Does anyone else use these where they work?
Anyways, so I'm done 'till Sunday night, then starts my 8-day stretch again! Hooray!! I'm lying on my bed watching the beginning of our forested 5-9inches of snow start to fall. Seriously, it was like 70 earlier this week. Gotta love midwest weather! Happy weekend everyone!
Babies today: 1m/1f
Babies total: 40M/40F = 80
Vag:29M/31F = 60
C/S: 11M9F = 20
Babies 'caught' = 1f


  1. That cath looks kind of neat. I'm curious to see how it works. Does it cut down on blood spilling?

  2. The new IV's make an AWESOME difference with decreasing blood spillage, which is a good thing because I'm usually a mess (I have a hard time clamping the vein down when putting on my tubing...). These are all enclosed and the "already-attached-saline-lock/extension tubing" have a clamp already on there that you just clamp when attaching the mainline tubing. They also have the double port so you don't have to push meds halfway up the tubing and then flush and flush and flush to get the drug to the patient in a reasonable amount of time. It also decreases the amount of pit that you would have to bolus when pushing a med (or so they say). You also get a faster flash back so that's nice. The drawback of the whole system (I think) is that there's no button for that pulls the actual needle back once you're in the vein. You have to advance the catheter (the gray part) and pull the needle out (the white part) at the same time. The needle seems longer too. They just went live on our unit this week so I think everyones still trying to get used to them. We'll see how long they last! Does anyone else already use them and have any thoughts or secrets about them?

  3. we use a "butterfly", looks a little different same concept. love them! no mess! instant "y tubing" and you can't beat that. plus they lay really flat. I hate how angiocaths are so knobby.