Thursday, March 26, 2009

C/S Land

Someone write this down...I was acutally "on-call" for 12 whole hours Tuesday night! That has happened ONE other time (back in December) since I've been off orientation. Everyone else is always complaining of how they always get put on call, I guess my days have just lined up right! Good think I picked up those extra 9 hours Sunday night, that made up for the 12-hours that I got all of $2 an hour to sleep! It's ok though, I slept horrible Tuesday afternoon, and yesterday afternoon too. Random phone calls from people with the wrong numbers, realitors trying to show the house, etc. Fun times.

So yesterday afternoon I had just rolled over and turned off my alarm about 1630 after a fitfull nap and my phone rings, it's work. "Can you come in early? Like 1700..." Well, I haven't taken a shower, put my contacts in, let the dog out or even really woke up yet, and it takes me a GOOD 30 minutes to drive, but sure, I'll be there ASAP. I clocked in at 1710. Not bad if I do say so myself...

So I delveged into C/S land last night, I took one section back when I got there so we delivered about 1840 then did a 2hr recovery, came out for about 10 minutes then took a VBAC who had just decided she wanted a section too, so she delivered right before midnight. Another 2 hours in the recovery room that turned into closer to 3 hours because it wasn't "convient" for mom/baby to take her at the moment so they wanted us to "sit" on her for awhile. So next time we have a labor patient walk in, even if they've called and told us they were coming, I think we'll tell them to "sit in the lobby" until it's convient for us to bring them back. I'm sure that would fly...

Then I did a little triage who was scheduled to deliver at a different hospital in 2 days, but they were on diversion and she was contracting, so her doctor sent her to us. Poor girl, she didn't want to be at our hospital, it was 0430, and as soon as she got there her contractions spaced out and she didn't change. She was frusturated that she even came and wanted to go back home. Her husband was funny, he said "who was I to stand in the way of a pregnant woman coming to the hospital?" Ha!!

We're partying for no real reason tonight at work, so I had to go shopping after I got off, then make cookies, finaly I'm heading to bed knowing that I'm gonna have to get up early to finish getting stuff ready for work. So much for my workout today! Bother...

Babies today: 1m/1f
Babies total: 40M/39F = 79
Vag:29M/30F = 59
C/S: 11M9F = 20
Babies 'caught' = 1f

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  1. I like how you log how many babies you caught, etc. very cool!