Wednesday, March 11, 2009


For as busy as my night was last night, it was actually pretty good, and I was pretty happy with it. Usually I would have been totally stressed out and grouchy, but even though I was running the entire night I never felt totally behind and hopeless, just constantly busy. I had two cervidils, and when I left they were both blocked and had no cervidils.

One was a gal I had actually sent home a couple times several weeks prior who we kind of knew from the beginning was going to be a little "high maintenance." Every time I walked into her room for something I knew I could count on spending at least half an hour or so doing this and that and fixing that and fixing this, but hey, it's all about patient satisfaction. She wanted a block so bad and I was so glad when she was finally 3cm and could finally get her blocked so she could be happy! She rated her contractions an 11/10 for pain, but if she wasn't watching the monitor and was talking to me instead she would talk right through the contractions without missing a beat. Oh well, to each his own pain scale I guess.

The other gal was a cervidil who was sure she ws coming in to get "platocin" and then cervidil if that didn't work. That made me smile all night, I've never heard it called "platocin" before :) She was a tiny thing (125# 9months pregnant. I want to weigh 125# NOT pregnant!) and took off with the cervidil contracting every 1-2minutes. We pulled the cervidil and she continued contracting that often. She got a couple doses of stadol and then finally changed enough to get a block, so she was happy when I left. We got an IUPC and turns out her contractions that looked so impressive on the monitor were actually these little wimpy things that would never dilate her to a 10, so they were gonna start pit this AM. There was no way that I was going to start pit when she was contracting every minute though!

I learned the value of teamwork tonight. The rest of the crew was great when they knew I was swamped. They all had their own patients but nobody was really going active for them and they all pitched in and helped doing little things for me like flipping one girl while I was with another or watching strips while I was getting blocked. They are the bomb and I love them! Yea teamwork!!!

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