Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New House

So today starts my month-long house/dog sitting assignment for a couple from our church. Flying to Hawaii for a month to see their daughter...must be rough :) So I get to watch their very lovable/excitable doggy for a month. I'm most excited at the moment to realize that I can get wireless Internet from a sharing neighbor! Hooray!

Last night at work was pretty good, I got the ante assignment which was OK, I haven't done ante's in a while and they were all well behaved tonight, I didn't break any of them. Sent one home by 2000, made friends with the high-maintenance gal who is "growing babies" until she's 32wks with her twins. She's been there a few weeks and has a few left, so she's settling into a routine. Another gal came in post MVA, wks with a positive KlehourBetke (I know that's not spelled right...), so she got to spend the night and was getting a sono today sometime. Another gal who has been working on N/V/D/temp didn't have any of the 4 for me all night, so I'm hoping she's fixed.

It was actually relatively quiet most of the night, our only delivery was a 18wk DIU r/t prolapsed cord. That was really sad, the baby was totally perfect, you could tell it was just the freak SROM and cord prolapse, no anomalies or any suspected reason for it. Ug. That's our 6th DIU for 2009 already. That's way too many. They had 21wk DIU twins last week, no more purple names!

It got crazy about 0430 again, seriously, is there just an alarm that goes off across the city at that time and everyone starts contracting? We had 3 or 4 people come waltzing in during a 45min span. Sheesh! That makes dayshift stress too because it messes up assignments and it looks like night shift has just been slacking all night, when we totally haven't! We can't help it that everyone walks in an hour before shfit change! Oh well, such is the job some mornings :)

I'm back for one more night, then on-call from 1a-7a on Thursday morning. I'm not sure what I was thinking signing up for that on-call shift, but I did it, so hopefully I won't get called in.

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  1. I remember working nights....the same thing would happen - the "bus" would pull up with multiple walk-ins contracting at about 0500. It made a normal, sane night, turn chaotic and insane in minutes! I don't know if it was full bladders causing contractions, or women waking up slowly in the early morning hours, or women just noticing all of a sudden - "hey, I've been contracting all night...let's go into the hospital now, since they won't be busy!".