Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 out of 3

MUCH better than Tuesday night :) I had a gal who was on Mag for pretty bad PIH. 24-hr urine, then cervidil, then pit...and she was finally complete. She also could barely open her eyes or talk to us b/c of the mag. So the mag got turned off, we labored her down for about an hour, then we pushed for about an hour and a half and had a baby. Poor girl, I really wasn't convinced that she was gonna be able to push a baby out because she was pretty out of it, but she did awesome, and the last half hour or so she actually was 1/2 way on the same planet we were on. I guess that would be the way to do it, be half out of it during the hardest part then come back to reality right before delivery.

She and her husband were really sweet. She was pretty alert the rest of the night, even after we turned the mag back on post-delivery and said several times how she thought it was funny how we had kept asking her to "open her eyes and talk". She said she could hear us, but just couldn't connect...a true out of body experience! She said "boy, doctors sure aren't in here much. You do all the hard work and they are in-and-out." If she only knew how true she was, but most of the time that's OK with everyone involved: the nurses want doctors there for delivery but want them out of the way the rest of the time, and doctors don't want to sit around and wait for a patient to delivery, but they want to catch that baby! Works great for us. Most of our docs are really, really, really good and come when we say come, so that's really awesome too.

We didn't have a laborist on last night, so we were crossing our fingers nothing too crazy happened...our one excitement was the lady who came in through ED with a "UTI" and was actually 34wks pregnant. Seriously? How do you get 34wks pregnant and not know it? That seems just a little odd to me. Her strip looked like poop, so the on-call doc came in and they sectioned her. Thick mec, of course. The umbilical cord was seriously about as thick as my pinky, I've never seen such a scrawny cord. Drawing cord pH's was quite the adventure.

So good night, good group of nurses. Some of us even had a chance to go and explore the new ICU expansion that's going to open in a few weeks. Maybe soon we can explore a new OB expansion! My feet are still getting used to these Dansko shoes, but after the doc missed the bag with a clot after my delivery and soaked his mesh tennis shoes, I'll be keeping my closed toe/fluid proof shoes...thanks!

Babies today: 1f
Babies total: 33M/29F = 62
Vag:24M/25F = 49
C/S: 9M4F = 13
Babies 'caught' = 1f

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