Saturday, January 3, 2009


6hrs Sunday night, 12 hours Monday night, 12 hours Tuesday night, NO hours Wednesday night, 12 hours Thursday night, 3 hours Friday night after a desperate phone call for help. I am so ready for ONE night off before I go back to work! Really, I love my job, I just feel like I have lived at this hospital this week!

I'm kinda getting in a mood for a delivery too. I haven't done a delivery since I caught my baby, and that was the only delivery that I've done off of orientation. I've had ante's ALL week, and just cervidil's before that. I'm starting to worry that I'll forget how to do a vag or a C/S delivery pretty soon!

I broke the complete previa girl last night who hadn't bled since several days before Christmas and she bled a little last night. Poor girl, she called me and you could tell she was scared out of her mind. It's wasn't a big gush, but there was definitely blood on the pad. I don't know what they'll do or how long they'll watch her. I guess it depends if she does it again or not.

I only slept about 4 hours this afternoon because I knew I wouldn't sleep tonight if I slept a lot. So I got up and went to the gym then we had some stuff going on tonight at they called me about 2130 begging for some help. All I'd thought about all afternoon was going back to bed, but instead I went and worked 'till 0100. I was expecting to stay all night from the way it sounded, but I think it was just lots of triage with the stomach flu that's going around. So once everyone got discharged after hydration I think the nurses just needed a chance to chart and catch their breath. I helped move a couple recoveries over and do a couple fundal checks but nothing too wild and crazy. All that for time and a half! :) I'm looking forward to my next pay check with 2 holiday shifts, a weekend and several chunks of time and a half!

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